Earn as they learn with Atom Prime Rewards Club

A brand new way for schools to achieve their academic goals, and win amazing prizes along the way.

  • Evidence-based academic pathway to success

  • Celebrate student achievement

  • Incredible goodies for the whole school

No pens or forms required. Every school is automatically enrolled into the rewards club when they join Atom Prime!

How it works

What is the Atom Prime Rewards Club?

Designed by our team of Education Experts, The Atom Prime Rewards Club provides schools with an evidence-based academic pathway to success.

As your school uses Atom Prime, you'll unlock achievement levels with corresponding rewards.

Put simply: the more they learn, the more you earn.

Membership benefits

Free Exam Credits

Receive £250 of Mock Test Credits for your school. These can be used to:

  • Create, customise and manage practice papers for senior school entrance exams

  • Use Curriculum Tests to analyse progress

  • Get reliable data on standardised scores, stanine and decile rankings

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Enhance home learning

Students can continue their learning journey at home with 20% off Atom Nucleus subscriptions.

Atom Nucleus can be used to prepare for 11+ grammar and independent school exams, and to boost children's progress in core subjects.

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Atom Prime Activity Packs

Who doesn't love free stuff? Get your hands on exclusive Atom Prime activity packs more for your school.

Atom Prime Rewards Club

What you need to do

To start earning rewards your school needs to achieve shared academic goals. For example, to become a ‘Gold School’ you would need to achieve the following collective goals on Atom Prime:

  • 70% of pupils active

  • 50% of teachers active

  • 50% of pupils completing their Baseline Assessment

  • 80% parent engagement

  • Hold a Mock Session for 1 year group

  • All of KS2 using Atom Prime

We're here to you every step of the way.

More questions?

To learn more about Atom Prime Rewards Club, and see how close your school is to gold status, reach out to our Teacher Success team on [email protected].

Or chat with a member of our team by clicking the LiveChat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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