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Setting a lesson with Atom Prime

By Atom | Dec 20, 2022, 5:03 PM


The summer term is nearly in season. With longer days and sunnier skies (hopefully), teachers have one more term to ensure that students have covered the curriculum comprehensively.

Inevitably, there will be some students who have excelled throughout the year and are ready for stretch tasks to achieve mastery. Conversely, there will be those who may still need support to ensure their learning journey is completed before the holidays.

Setting a lesson with Atom Prime allows students to access content that is personalised to them. Atom’s adaptive question-selecting algorithm means that a student will always see questions that are best suited to their ability. This promotes confidence amongst students to complete tasks independently and discover success on their own terms.

Not only does Prime support students, it supports teachers too. With over 90,000 questions, videos and helpsheets, our experienced teachers have created engaging content which maps directly to the national curriculum, giving you a plethora of resources to support or run your lessons.

Create lessons across English, maths, science, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Select a lesson and the associated topics you would like to cover.

Each subject has year indicators, ensuring you pitch your content at exactly the right level.

Use Atom Prime’s Lesson Builder to tailor content appropriate to each of your classes.

Include a selection of videos which can help to introduce a topic or supplement explanations.

You can pick practice questions for individual topics to help clarify understanding and address any misconceptions.

Questions are designed to challenge and engage your students in equal measure.

Set age-appropriate questions or use Atom’s adaptive algorithm for a bespoke programme for every individual. If learners are struggling, then you can always give them the opportunity to seek help with Atom’s instructional how-tos and videos.

When finalising your lesson you can save for future use and even add to the school library so all your colleagues can access.

With Atom’s Lesson Builder, you have the ability to create as you see fit. Want to consolidate learning from a previous topic with a practice question starter, just use our videos to assist with a lesson on storytelling? We’ve got you covered.

Everything is automatically marked too so no need to worry about taking books home to mark. Our dashboards give immediate insight into areas of strength and development.

If you’re already with Prime and want to know more about setting a lesson, then email [email protected].

If not, then why not book a demo and find out how Atom Prime can support your teaching!

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