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Time-saving tips for teachers

By Atom | Nov 17, 2022, 3:28 PM

Time saving tips for teachers


A recent survey of 1,788 teachers highlighted a 17% increase in ‘unmanageable’ workloads from 2021 (52% vs. 35%).

With many citing this issue as a reason for leaving education, senior figures are calling for change.

Our free online learning platform, Atom Prime, supports educators on a day-to-day basis. Prime creates capacity in the classroom through its adaptive learning technology. This helps teachers to redress their work-life balance while supporting student learning.

Here are five ways you can gain time with Atom Prime:

Lesson plans with Atom Prime

Using Atom Prime’s Lesson Builder, you can create a differentiated lesson in minutes and save valuable time. With a host of resources to choose from, drag and drop what you need and run a starter, plenary or an entire lesson.

We’ve already written a blog on setting lessons with Prime but in short, here’s your time-saving arsenal:

  • A selection of over 90,000 questions, videos and tailored help sheets

  • Content spanning English, maths, reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning

  • Atom’s adaptive algorithm - creating a personalised learning journey for every student

Prime's resources are created in line with the national curriculum. Cherry-pick KS2 and early KS3 resources in line with statutory examinations.

Saving time with homework

Setting homework with Prime is another effective teacher technique for saving time. Homework setting works in much the same way that lesson setting does. You pick the topic and we take care of the rest.

Decide on the task, number of questions and targeted year group. Or, set the time limit and enable Atom’s adaptive algorithm. This ensures all your students will be working at their optimal level.

With Prime homework, you can set an assignment weeks in advance and only allow students to access it when you cover that part of the syllabus. Set all your tasks for the term in an evening and take back valuable time in the classroom, or at home.

Automated marking

With lesson and homework content, all marking is automated. Work is marked automatically as it's completed on Prime, and you can log in and access results from your teacher dashboard. Your admin time is dramatically reduced, giving you more time to spend on analysis and intervention where needed.

Effective feedback and reporting

With our automated marking capabilities, you have total visibility over learner development.

Atom’s Subtopic Breakdown provides individual and class-wide information on attainment. Identify those who have developed mastery and intervention targets in minutes. (10).gif

Atom's Subtopic Breakdown in action

Prime allows you intervention on a granular level, helping you to prevent any learning gaps amongst your students.

This data can be exported and reported to stakeholders or kept for your own reference. Save time inputting results, creating tables and analysing statistics. Prime does this all for you!

Collaboration with other teachers

Save time for fellow teachers by creating shareable content accessed across your school.

When creating a homework or lesson, save your finalised template to the Prime library. Colleagues will then be able to log in and utilise your content in their classrooms.

This works reciprocally too. If you’re lacking inspiration on how to teach fractions, jump into the school folders and pick one which suits your students. If it needs modifying, or you want to introduce your own ideas at the beginning, this is easily done.

Creating a bank of engaging lessons can support time management across the school, moving forward.

Atom Prime in your classroom

Prime is designed to support teachers, save time and reduce daily stress. Our free online learning platform supplements the amazing work you continue to do every week.

Book a demo today and find out how we can help organise your workloads and give you time back in the classroom.

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If you already have Prime and want more information on how best to maximise our platform, contact our team today at [email protected].


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