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About Atom Learning

We provide your child with everything they need to excel on the ISEE.

From a learning journey that covers the entire curriculum to unlimited practice tests that build exam confidence, we are here to help your child get into their dream school.

Atom dynamically adapts to your child, providing personalized practice that targets their areas for improvement.

Atom has courses for the Lower & Middle Levels of the ISEE. Upper course coming soon.

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How It Works

How It Works

Customized Learning Path

Your child will access a learning path that customizes to their needs through adaptive technology.

They will move through gamified worlds to cover the entirety of the ISEE curriculum, answering questions with the ability to refer to detailed explanations and access learning resources for every topic.

How It Works

Unlimited Practice Tests

Your child will build confidence and test-taking skills with our unlimited, full-length practice tests that mirror the ISEE exams in scoring, format, and content.

How It Works

Granular Reports

We provide you with the same data you would see on an ISEE report, letting you know if your child is on track for admission and highlighting areas for improvement to help them achieve their goals.

How It Works

Tailor Your Practice

You can use our diagnostic tools to set additional practices to hone in on areas for improvement even further, setting your child up for maximum improvement and the best chance at a high score.

Join interactive live lessons & review courses led by test prep specialists who teach your child how to tackle tricky ISEE topics and prepare for test day.

Select your ISEE level below. Starting from $79/month

Lower Level

Students applying to grades 5 & 6

Middle Level

Students applying to grades 7 & 8

Upper Level

Our Upper Level ISEE course launches soon!

Questions answered by Atom students
Hours of video and text-based teaching resources

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