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  • Access to our online learning platform between lessons

  • Flexible pricing starting at $42 per lesson

  • Start with a free assessment to identify learning areas

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Why Atom Tutoring

Education advisors


Our award-winning, AI-powered platform adapts to your child

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Book tutoring sessions that fit your family’s schedule

Quality control

High quality

All Atom tutors are screened with proven track records for success

Data-driven insights


We use data to identify your child’s areas for improvement



Just $42 - $50 per lesson, with a simple payment system



Get weekly reports so you can track your child's progress in real time

How it works


1. Discover

We look at your child’s individual needs and goals, and find a tutor who’s right for them

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2. Learn

Tutors use data to make their lessons targeted and relevant to your child’s areas for improvement

3. Grow

Your child can use our adaptive platform to keep learning between sessions with practice questions and video tutorials

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The Atom Difference

With Atom Tutoring, students get a learning plan that reflects their individual goals. And you stay in the picture with check-ins and progress reports from their tutor.

Between tutoring sessions, your child keeps moving forward with our adaptive learning platform. This helps tutors spot learning gaps, making future work more targeted and effective.

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