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Innovative entry tests for forward-thinking schools.

Go beyond traditional testing with fun and interactive assessments.

  • For ages 7+ to 16+

  • Easily administer in-person or remotely

  • Industry-leading, teacher-written content

  • Set adaptive assessments in English, maths & reasoning

  • Innovative content to test problem-solving, creative thinking and more!

Atom Assessments: Enjoyable data-driven online exams

Trusted by many of the UK's best schools

Westminster School
Brighton Girls School GDST
Uppingham School
Woldingham School
Headington School Oxford

Why choose Atom Assessments?

Set exams with a click with Atom Assessments

Innovative, teacher-designed content

We blend the more traditional CAT with new and innovative ways of assessing an applicant’s potential. Assessments are designed to understand a student’s ability to problem solve, form connections, and think creatively.

Enjoyable assessments

Assessments your applicants will enjoy

Get children even more excited to join your school. Think interactive puzzles, creative comprehension, and virtual escape rooms!

Instant progress data

Get instant results with automatic marking

  • Age-standardised scores, stanine and decile rankings

  • Strengths and areas for development at subtopic level

  • Full transcripts including question breakdown, overall time taken, and time per question

Assessments without the hassle



Administer assessments in-person or remotely at any time in the academic year.

familiarisation exercises

Familiarisation exercise

School branded familiarisation exercises to send to parents.



Automatic marking and instantly generated results.



Cater to a wide range of abilities and easily add extra time where appropriate.



Compatible with tablets and computers with any modern browser.

Low cost

Low cost

Free trial and refinement process, with competitive costing thereafter.

What schools say

Brighton Girls

"The assessments have been spot on and more rigorous, and they have streamlined the process and made them more straightforward to administer."

Uppingham School logo

Uppingham School

“Our experience has been excellent, I have 100% confidence in Atom and all colleague and applicant feedback has been positive.”

Headington School Oxford

Headington School

"The feedback for each candidate is brilliant and definitely offered us more robust data to support our decisions."

North Bridge House Senior School

"It's very straightforward to use, it's really easy to set up the applicants and exams, and is really user-friendly for us and for our candidates."

Felsted School

"We're really enjoying using Atom Assessments. SLT are onboard and our candidates are happy too, so we're looking forward to continuing to use it!"

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