About Us

Hi, we're Atom Learning.

Atom Learning is an educational technology company providing Key Stage 2 education and secondary school exam preparation for children aged 7–11. We combine industry-leading learning resources with powerful technology to create a personalised learning experience.

It's our mission to enhance every child's educational outcomes and academic confidence, whilst reducing the attainment gap between the most and least privileged.

Our products

Atom Nucleus

Atom Nucleus is a home online learning platform for children aged 7–11. Children use Atom Nucleus to:

  • Prepare for grammar school 11+ exams

  • Prepare for independent school entrance exams

  • Master Key Stage 2 English, maths & science

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Atom Prime

Atom Prime is a free online educational platform for UK primary schools and prep schools. Key Stage 2 teachers use Atom Prime to:

  • Set class and homework in English, maths and science

  • Manage mixed-ability classes with adaptive learning

  • Analyse the progress and attainment of year groups, classes and individuals

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Atom Assessments

Atom Assessments is a customisable assessment platform for schools. Teachers use Atom Assessments to:

  • Create entrance exams and summative tests for pupils aged 7–16

  • Administer online exams in-person and remotely

  • Get robust data standardised on over 250,000 students

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Atom Tuition

Atom Tuition is a one-to-one online tuition service for children aged 7–11. Parents use Atom Tuition to:

  • Hire expert tutors who provide personalised lessons for their child

  • Help their child prepare for school entrance exams

  • Get professional, regular reporting on their child's progress

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Our story


Friends Alex Hatvany and Jake O'Keeffe were working in the legal and financial sectors but had previous experience as private tutors at university. They had become increasingly frustrated by the inaccessibility of private tuition for most families, and the unregulated inconsistency of the teaching quality.

They decided to design and launch an alternative way for children to get the personalised support needed to succeed. This ambition led them to leave their employment and co-found Atom Learning. Their primary focus was to build an online learning platform to help primary school children improve their learning and prepare for secondary school entrance exams.


As the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, the EdTech industry exploded with more teachers and parents turning to online learning platforms. As a result, we launched free live lessons to help children around the world carry on their education and experience a bit of normality.


We successfully raised $25 million in investment from Softbank – the largest ever Series A round secured by a UK-based EdTech platform. The investment was immediately put to use as we began to accelerate our growth in the UK and doubled our team to over 100 education and tech professionals.

2022 and beyond

As Atom continues to grow, we have added new products to our offering – including Atom Assessments and Atom Tuition.

Awards and Partnerships


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