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Galore Park Partnership Announcement

Apr 12, 2022, 10:32 AM

Galore Park partnership


Atom Learning and Galore Park are partnered to give you the most comprehensive school entry preparation programme available.

Atom Learning’s mission is to provide a world-class learning experience for all children. Combining the highest quality teacher-produced content with cutting-edge adaptive technology, they are partnered with Galore Park, a leading publisher of 11+ and 13+ educational resources for students at independent schools, to modernise education globally.

Atom Learning’s online learning platform: Atom Nucleus, is suitable for children ages 7-12+ and has been carefully designed to help children thrive in school, master key subjects and excel in grammar and independent school exams. Atom Nucleus provides students with industry-leading Key Stage 2 and early Key Stage 3 content, unlimited ISEB, 11+ and school-specific assessments and engaging lessons.

Galore Park specialises in preparation for 11+, pre-test and 13+ Common Entrance exams and leads the market in textbooks for pupils studying at independent schools. Since 1999, thousands of schools, parents and tutors have relied on their rigorous, challenging and engaging resources to help children achieve their full potential and to reach the senior schools of their choice.

Atom Nucleus and Galore Park’s resources work side by side: your child can find reference on Atom Learning questions to the Galore Park page number with more information on the topic. These are online-offline compliments that benefit student independent learning through cross-referencing and remediation. As Atom Learning adapts to your child’s progress, Galore Park supports their deeper understanding of any topic they may come across during their learning journey.

Galore Park screenshot

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