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Free Halloween worksheets for kids

By Atom | Oct 31, 2022, 12:37 PM

Free halloween worksheets for kids

October is a spook-tacular time for learning with these Halloween-themed activities for Key Stage 2 English and maths. We’ve also provided the answers and explanations which you can work through together. So why not (trick or) treat your child to some fang-tastic, fun halloween worksheets below.

Halloween maths activities

For ages 7–9

This witchy worksheet is a fun way to practise times tables for children aged 7–9. It will take 30–60 minutes to complete.

Each square in the grid contains a calculation. Calculations will involve adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing one- and two-digit numbers. Your child will need to solve the calculations and colour in the squares based on the final digit of the answer.

  • Use red if the answer ends in 0

  • Use yellow if the answer ends in 1

  • Use green if the answer ends in 2 or 3

  • Use blue if the answer ends in 4 or 5

  • Use purple if the answer ends in 6 or 7

  • Use black if the answer ends in 8 or 9

Children should be encouraged to practise their mental maths skills and their knowledge of the 1–12 times tables.

Maths Mystery Mosaic colouring sheet 1:

Halloween maths worksheet ages 7–9

Instructions and answers:

Halloween maths instructions ages 7–9

For ages 9–12

This worksheet is for children aged 9–12 and will take 45–60 minutes to complete. Your child must use their knowledge of times tables to colour in specific squares in the grid to reveal a spooky jack o’ lantern.

  • Use orange to colour in multiples of 3

  • Use yellow to colour in multiples of 4

  • Use green to colour in multiples of 5

  • Use purple (or a similar dark colour) to colour in any other number

All numbers are between 1–100 and each number belongs to just one category. This means that numbers like 12 are not used, because 12 is both a multiple of 3 and a multiple of 4.

If your child needs support, remind them that anything in the 6 or 9 times table will also be a multiple of 3. This is also true for the 8 times table and multiples of 4.

Maths Mystery Mosaic colouring sheet 2:

Halloween maths worksheet ages 9–12

Instructions and answers:

Halloween maths instructions 9–12

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Halloween English activities

This reading comprehension and creative writing activity is for children aged 8–12. It will take 30–60 minutes to complete.

Ask your child to read the short story, ‘The Mystery of Morecambe Manor’. The story is about two children who go trick-or-treating and stumble across a spooky house. There is also a separate glossary with some Halloween vocabulary for extra support.

After the story, there are eight reading comprehension questions for your child to answer. Encourage your child to find evidence from the story to support their answers.

Next, there is a creative writing activity where your child has the chance to write what happens next. Is Morecambe Manor haunted or is it a trick? Will they see bats, monsters, pumpkins, or ghosts?


Halloween English worksheet

Halloween glossary:

Halloween glossary

Instructions and answers:

Halloween English answers

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