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How Atom improved my child's confidence

By Atom | Jun 20, 2023, 4:04 PM

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We recently spoke to Semra, who subscribed to Atom Learning in 2021 to help her son prepare for the 11 plus exams. Semra’s son was able to access learning content and resources across core subjects in the Key Stage 2 national curriculum and they supplemented his learning with Atom Tuition.

In March 2022, Semra’s son was offered a place at his first-choice grammar school.

"I was looking for a way to help my son prepare for the 11 plus exams and came across Atom Learning. I was attracted to Atom for the convenience of using it online at home, the cost-effective package and because the platform adapts to my child’s needs.

Before using Atom, I was struggling to keep my son in the learning game and had given up multiple times because it was too much to handle. With Atom, I only needed to log in to see what he was doing and how he was progressing, then I could set Custom Practices (learning tasks) for him to complete.

He was absolutely fine using the platform on his own and the experience gave him responsibility for his learning. As a result, both his independence and confidence grew immediately. My son was actually enjoying himself while tackling difficult concepts and he was able to see the areas in which he was excelling, and those in which he was struggling.

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Atom was extremely easy for both me and my child to use. As a parent, it was really valuable to be able to see what he was doing and how he was progressing through my parent dashboard. For my son, he enjoyed the sense of freedom and being in the driving seat of his own learning journey.

I would really recommend using Atom Learning to any parents who might be considering it. It’s great value for money and children can practice for as long as they want or need. As a parent, you can check what and how your child is doing – does he need that extra push? Where does he need it?

Your child can also engage in Live Lessons, which are both fun and educational. Atom also has a great bunch of private teachers and you can block-buy lessons. As they use the platform to set activities and track your child’s progress, they already have a good idea of how your child is performing - and probably much better than you do!"

Start your 5-day free trial of Atom Nucleus today for success in the classroom, 11 plus entrance exams and beyond.

With over 90,000 teacher-written practice questions, video tutorials, live exam prep courses and lessons and unlimited mock tests that mirror the content, structure and design of the 11 plus exam, your child can go into exam day feeling confident and prepared.

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