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Lady Eleanor Holles: 11 plus entry guide

By Atom | May 18, 2023, 3:19 PM

Lady Eleanor Holles, London

Are you considering Lady Eleanor Holles for your daughter? We've collated everything you need to know about entry to Year 7, including key dates and what's covered on the entrance exam.

About Lady Eleanor Holles

Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) is a private day school for girls aged 7 to 18 located on a 24-acre campus in Hampton, southwest London. LEH was founded in 1710, making it one of the oldest girls’ schools in the UK. It has strong links with next-door Hampton School, including joint co-curricular activities, modern language exchanges, charity and career events and preparation for university.

LEH believes that academic results should be a by-product of a pupil’s education and not the central focus; pupils are encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. Regardless, pupils at LEH receive excellent exam results and the vast majority take up places at their first choice of university.

In a recent inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), Lady Eleanor Holles was graded ‘excellent’ in all areas – and the academic achievement and personal development of the pupils was found to be of the highest standards.

  • Headteacher: Mrs Heather Hanbury

  • Address: Lady Eleanor Holles, Hanworth Road, Hampton, TW12 3HF

  • London Borough: Richmond upon Thames

  • Age range and gender: 7–18, girls only

  • Number of pupils: 950+

  • National league table rank (Sunday Times Parent Power): 22

  • A level results: 94.9% A*–B

  • GCSE results: 95.5% 9–7

Key info for Year 7 admissions

  • Admissions contact: via the school website, 020 8979 1601

  • Open day: 15th September, 20th September, 26th September, 4th October and 10th October 2023. Book on the school website

  • Overview of selection procedure: ISEB Common Pre-Test, problem-solving paper, school report and potential interview

  • Registration closes: Tuesday 7th November 2023 at 10am

  • Assessment date: late November (ISEB) and 3rd December 2023 (problem-solving test)

LEH fees and financial assistance

The fees at LEH for 2023–2024 are £8,291 per term. This includes stationery and textbooks but does not include lunch, which is compulsory and costs £272 per term.

Financial assistance

LEH provides £1.2 million in financial support each year to talented pupils of low-income families, with 8% of students currently receiving some level of needs-based financial support (known as a bursary).

Bursaries can range from £1,000 a term to covering 100% of school fees. Parents whose combined income is less than £50,000 can expect to receive a 100% bursary if their daughter is successful in the Year 7 application process. Families with a combined income of more than £90,000 are unlikely to qualify for assistance.

LEH also offers a sibling discount of 10% on the fees for the youngest daughter if three or more daughters attend the school at the same time.


LEH also offers scholarships and exhibitions at 11 plus entry. These are not means-tested but based on the child’s talent and/or potential in a particular subject.

  • Academic scholarships: cover 10% of school fees. There is no need to apply – all 11 plus candidates are automatically considered.

  • Music scholarships: cover 10% of school fees. Apply via the main 11 plus registration form.

  • Music exhibitions: cover 7.5% of school fees. Apply via the main 11 plus registration form.

LEH term dates

The term dates at Lady Eleanor Holles in 2023–2024 are:

  • Autumn term: 6th September – 13th December 2023

  • Half term: 23rd October – 3rd November 2023

  • Spring term: 8th January – 22nd March 2024

  • Half term: 12th – 16th February 2024

  • Summer term: 16th April – 5th July 2024

  • Half term: 27th–31st May 2024

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LEH 11 plus admissions process

1. Visit the school

If you are considering Lady Eleanor Holles for your daughter, it’s a good idea to visit the school first at an open event. This is an opportunity to see the school site and facilities, meet staff and current pupils, and ultimately see if the school is an environment where your daughter will thrive.

LEH holds frequent senior school open events throughout September and October. Find out more and book a place on the school website.

2. Register for 11 plus entry

To register your daughter for entry to LEH, complete the online application form. A registration fee of £150 applies. You can indicate whether you would like to apply for a bursary and/or scholarship on this form.

The deadline for completing the form for entry in 2024 is 10am on Tuesday 7th November 2023.

3. ISEB Common Pre-Test

All girls who have been registered for Year 7 entry to LEH will take the ISEB Common Pre-Test. This will either be taken at your daughter’s current school during the autumn term, or at LEH between 21st and 23rd November 2023.

The ISEB Common Pre-Test is taken online. The questions are completely adaptive, meaning that they become easier or more challenging depending on how your child is performing. Children will answer questions in four subjects:

  • English: covering comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Maths: questions cover Key Stage 2 national curriculum taught up to the end of Year 5. The main topics are number, measurement, data, algebra and geometry

  • Verbal reasoning: tests logic and problem-solving with written information

  • Non-verbal reasoning: tests your child’s ability to understand and analyse visual information

How is the ISEB Common Pre-Test marked?

Each child will be given a Standardised Age Score (SAS), which is calculated based on the number of correct and incorrect answers, the level of difficulty in each question and their date of birth in years and months (to prevent younger children from being disadvantaged). Your child's ISEB Common Pre-Test score will be sent directly to LEH.

Guide to the ISEB Test

Find out everything you need to know about the ISEB Common Pre-Test, including tips and hints and downloadable resources to support your child’s exam prep.

Learn more

4. Problem-solving exam

All girls will take a problem-solving exam, in addition to the ISEB test, at LEH on Sunday 3rd December 2023.

This is a one-hour test. Children will be assessed on their linguistic and logic problem-solving skills, with questions including elements of English and maths.

After this test, LEH will decide which candidates to shortlist for the next stage of the process. Letters with results from the first stage will be sent to parents in mid-January 2024.

5. Interviews

If your daughter has been successful in the first round of the admissions process, she may be invited to an interview at LEH between 23rd and 25th January 2024.

Interviews are generally used by schools to give a more holistic view of your child. Your child may need to complete a short task, talk about an object of interest to them, or discuss their wider interests outside of school. Learn more about private school interviews here.

Girls who have been shortlisted for a music scholarship will have an audition during the same dates.

6. Offers

LEH will make offers of places based on the child’s performance in the ISEB and problem-solving tests, her performance in the interview, and on her current school report.

Offer letters will be posted to parents by 9th February 2024. If your daughter is offered a place, you will have until early March to accept.

Girls who accept a place will be invited to a new pupil induction day on 27th June 2024.

Top tips to prepare for entry to LEH

LEH assesses a variety of subjects for 11 plus entry, including content which is not traditionally taught on the national curriculum. Here are our top tips to help your child prepare for the selection process.

It can be tempting to jump straight into practice papers to prepare for school exams. However, this is not an effective way to learn and can cause children to feel demotivated.

Your child should have a good understanding of the content they’ve been taught in Year 5 before testing their knowledge with practice papers. Using a ‘little and often’ approach when recapping content is key, as our brains encode new information more effectively when dealing with smaller ‘chunks’ of information. Experts recommend study sessions should last no longer than 30 minutes for children aged 10–11.

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