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The costs of private tutoring in 2022/23

By Atom | Jun 8, 2023, 3:07 PM

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How much does a private tutor cost? And is the cost of private tutoring worth it?

If you’re considering investing in 1 to 1 tuition to support your child’s education, these are probably some of the many questions you may be asking yourself. With plenty of tutoring services available in 2022–2023, navigating the vast scale of tutor costs can be overwhelming.

Keep reading to find out how much you can expect to pay for private tutors in the UK and discover tips and tricks to help you save money.

What determines the cost of private tutors?

There are several factors that can determine how much private tutors charge for their services. The tutoring industry is unregulated, which means there is no set standard and the costs are largely determined by individual tutors or tutoring companies themselves.


Average prices of private tuition can significantly vary depending on your location in the UK – particularly for home tutoring. This is largely due to the different costs of living from city to city, such as the price tutors need to pay to live and travel in a particular area. Generally, private tutors charge more in larger cities (and particularly London), although in-person private tutoring in rural areas can also come at an increased cost due to the travel involved.

The average hourly rate of private tuition across the UK, from lowest to highest:

  • Newcastle: £20 per hour

  • Liverpool: £21 per hour

  • Nottingham: £21 per hour

  • Cardiff: £21 per hour

  • Edinburgh: £21 per hour

  • Birmingham: £21 per hour

  • Southampton: £22 per hour

  • Bristol: £22 per hour

  • Brighton: £22 per hour

  • Reading: £23 per hour

  • Cambridge: £26 per hour

  • Oxford: £26 per hour

  • London: £27+ per hour

The student’s level of study

Private tutoring is available for students of any age, but the tutor's fees will generally vary depending on the age or educational level of the student. The average hourly rate will likely be higher for more qualified students, e.g. those requiring tuition for A levels, than those studying at a primary level.

The average hourly rate of private tuition for levels of study in the UK:

  • Primary (age 7–11): £22 per hour

  • Secondary (age 11–14): £21 per hour

  • GCSE level (age 14–16): £22 per hour

  • A level (age 16–18): £23 per hour

  • Degree level (18+): £23 per hour

The subject offered

The amount tutors charge will vary depending on the subject offered. Supply and demand can have a significant bearing on rates and different subjects require different levels of expertise. For instance, ABRSM-grade piano lessons will generally cost more than an average primary tutor due to the knowledge and qualifications required to teach the subject.

The average hourly rate of private tuition for subjects in the UK:

  • Core academic subjects (English, maths and science): £20–£30 per hour

  • Modern foreign languages: £24–£28 per hour

  • Music lessons: £30–£40 per hour

The tutor’s qualifications and experience

Tutors with advanced qualifications in their taught subjects, and those with several years of experience, will generally charge more than new tutors just starting out or still completing their own study (i.e. part-time tutors working towards their undergraduate degree). Retired teachers and self-employed individuals who tutor as their full-time job will also usually charge higher rates.

Is the cost of private tutoring worth it?

Plenty of children will excel at school without ever relying on a private tutor. However, depending on your family budget and your child’s particular needs or goals, a private tutor can provide a wealth of benefits for both you and your child:

Benefits for your child

  • Providing in-depth preparation for exams (e.g. entrance exams for selective schools)

  • Supporting progress and improvement in more challenging subjects

  • Improving academic confidence and reducing performance anxiety

  • Giving specialised attention to gifted students or pupils with SEND

  • Developing new study skills for secondary school and beyond

Benefits for you

  • Saving you time from helping with homework

  • Reducing worries and stress about your child’s academic progress

  • Providing your child with an extra role model

How to save money on private tutoring

Ultimately, private tutoring does cost money and the costs can quickly add up. Here are our top tips to help you save money on the cost of your child’s private tutor:

Consider group tuition

Group tuition with other children has plenty of benefits – particularly financial savings.

If you know of another family who is also considering private tuition for their child, and if they are around the same age and educational level as your own, consider group tuition. Most tutors will offer a reduced rate for each student in the group, which can be up to half the original cost (the total cost divided between the two families).

Group tutorials can also be effective in allowing students to help each other to learn and develop crucial team working skills.

Ask for block-booking

Many tutors and agencies will offer a block-booking discount if you book several sessions at once – e.g. 10% off for booking 10 hours up-front.

To ease your concerns about spending hundreds of pounds on a service not yet provided, many tutors and tutoring agencies will offer a risk-free initial lesson. This is usually offered for free, or on the condition that you can change your tutor after the first lesson if you feel they aren’t the right fit for your child.

Give new tutors a chance

Tutors with less experience will almost always charge a lot less than those with several qualifications and hundreds of clients on their books, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not as capable.

Younger tutors will usually charge lower rates but may put in just as much (if not more) work for your child than a more qualified tutor to help boost their success as a tutor and develop their portfolio of experience. Depending on your child, they may also develop a better rapport with a tutor younger than their parents!

Find cost-effective 1 to 1 tuition with Atom Tuition

At Atom Tuition, we have a hassle-free and cost-effective service to help you find the perfect tutor for your child.

Our team of dedicated client managers will talk to you about your child and their needs, matching you with the right tutor to help your child achieve their potential and boost confidence for secondary school and beyond.

1 to 1 online tutoring with Atom is available for Key Stage 2 core subjects and preparation for selective secondary schools. You’ll get:

  • A uniquely personalised and data-driven online tutoring service

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  • Weekly reporting and termly assessments, with 24/7 access to your child’s progress data

  • Discounted access to our award-winning online learning platform Atom Nucleus for continuous learning between sessions

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – if you feel that your introductory lesson isn’t a positive experience, we’ll give you a free replacement with another tutor or a full refund.

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