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Top Tips For Keeping Children’s Minds Active This Summer


Oct 31, 2022, 12:29 PM

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With the summer holidays upon us, we’ve listed our top tips for keeping children’s minds active over the break! While it is important that children enjoy a well-deserved rest after such an unusual year, long summer holidays are a great time to solidify academic foundations and prepare for the next academic year.

Keep reading to learn more about activities that aim to boost academic ability while simultaneously enhancing wellbeing!

Read read read!

The summer holidays are a great time to encourage children to read. Regular reading practice has a multitude of advantages for children including enhancing their mental health and wellbeing which is crucial after a particularly strange year. Regular reading practice has also been shown to improve communication skills and therefore aids connections with others.

Reading over the summer also acts as excellent preparation for entrance exams. Children will be exposed to new vocabulary and will develop an increased reading speed and ability to recognise words. This enhances invaluable skills which are necessary for securing top grades in Verbal Reasoning, comprehension and inference tests.

At Atom Learning we recognise the importance of reading for children’s mental wellness and learning, which is why we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of The Reading Agency and their “Wild World Heroes” Summer Reading Challenge. This challenge encourages children to set themselves a target to read lots of new books over their holiday and receive special awards and a certificate in return!

Summer courses

Summer learning courses are a great way of keeping young people’s minds active over the holidays, providing routine and boosting confidence for September! This summer we're offering:

  • ISEB preparation course

  • 11+ preparation course

  • Creative writing lessons

  • Comprehension courses

  • Science Summer Courses

  • Y3/4 Courses

  • Get Ahead For Year 7 Club

Online resources

Make use of FREE online learning materials to keep children engaged this summer. Youtube is an excellent resource for this - check out our account for short, engaging lessons.

Get baking

Cooking with children over the summer can be great maths practice! Encourage your children to practice their numeracy skills and receive (hopefully) yummy treats in return!

Stay active

It’s easy to slip into the habit of moving less during the holidays! Why not replace the walk to school with a walk to your local library to pick up new books for the Summer Reading Challenge? Many local kids clubs also put on sports camps over the summer holidays.

Relax with yoga or mindfulness

Encouraging children to develop relaxation techniques is a great skill to develop over the holidays. Many children will find the lack of structure in the holidays overwhelming. Adding yoga or mindfulness into weekly routines can enhance wellbeing; check out the Calm or Headspace app for beginner lessons.

We can help

And if you’re looking for more ways to keep your child engaged throughout summer, start your 5-day free trial of Nucleus for success in the classroom, entrance exams and beyond.



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