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What is adaptive learning?

By Atom | Dec 16, 2022, 4:36 PM


How does adaptive learning work?

Adaptive learning harnesses technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalised learning paths.

In short, technology is able to detect existing student knowledge and tailor questions to suit learning needs.

We use artificial intelligence to create an effective learning experience for all students. This allows them to discover school success at their own pace. To find out a little more, here’s our Customer Success Manager, Luke:

Adaptive learning video

Adaptive learning technology with Atom

Atom’s adaptive algorithm ensures students will always see questions best suited to their ability.

The more questions the learner answers correctly, the more challenging the questions become. The same is also true in the opposite instance. The more questions a learner gets incorrect, the easier they become.

This method is designed to inspire both confidence and independence within each student. All questions are pitched at challenging but not overwhelming levels. This allows learners to answer approximately 80% of questions correctly, encouraging active engagement.

Atom's learning process

Every Atom question is assigned a difficulty level based on highly prescriptive specifications. All of Atom's content has been graded by experienced practitioners from -1 to 5.

Every question a learn completes is evaluated. At a granular level, our machine learning can then assess if any modifications are required.

As an example: if a question is grade three but many students answer incorrectly, this will then be automatically reassigned as grade four.

We have a vast question bank (over 90,000 and counting!) that is standardised by the Atom population. The more questions that are answered, the better the learning pathway!

Improving learning outcomes with Atom

Adaptive learning supports teaching and learning to provide the best possible education.

Atom's adaptive models provide immediate feedback to inform intervention, within the physical classroom. As the individual interacts with the online learning environment, the experience is refined. Highly customised resources give children the best possible chance of achieving academic goals.

To gain access to adaptive learning in your school, book a demo with a member of our team today!

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