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Young Author Award Winners 2023

By Atom | Sep 26, 2023, 2:40 PM

Atom Learning Young Author Award Winners


This summer, Atom Learning launched the second annual Young Author Award to celebrate the UK’s upcoming young writers.

Children aged 7–11 were challenged to write a creative response to the theme ‘If I were in charge for a day’. A team of teachers and curriculum specialists set aside time in September to carefully read each entry. Judges were looking for entries that demonstrated:

  • High-quality writing

  • Creative flair

  • A compelling storyline

We are now delighted to announce the winners of the Young Author Award 2023. Congratulations to Victoria T, Ted F and Poppy N for winning first, second, and third place respectively. Take a look at their winning entries below – we hope you enjoy them as much as our judges did!

1st Place – Victoria T

Victoria's piece appealed to the judges because she balanced serious issues with more mischievous and imaginary ideas. Her piece begins with real issues taking place across the world, before moving into poetry to make a case for more fun concerns. Her final few lines typify the mix:

"If I were in charge of the world,

There would be brighter night lights,

All vegetables would be bad for you!

There would be NO bedtimes,

Or “ No fighting with your brother”

If I were in charge of the world,

A Ferrow Roche sundae would be heathly!

There would also be,

No loneliness."

Excerpt from Victoria’s entry:

If I were in charge of the world,

I’d cancel plane crashes.

I’d cancel wars,

I would even cancel rain days.

If I were in charge of the world,

There would be tree houses in all trees.

There would be dogs that never die,

There would even be cars that would never fly.

If I were in charge of the world,

You wouldn’t have nits or ticks.

You wouldn’t have tests,

You wouldn’t have death

Or, even “I hate you!”

You wouldn’t even have the word hate!

Read Victoria’s entry in full

2nd Place – Ted F

Ted's piece was intriguing to read. He begins with an omniscient and idyllic view of the world before transitioning into the first person perspective to admit that he's enabled this ideal, and he's watching the fruits of his labour. This way of structuring the text demonstrated originality and, combined with the lovely use of literary devices, created an entertaining piece with a poignant final message.

Excerpt from Ted’s entry:

As far as the eye can see there are trees; their petals gently floating in the whispering breeze with wings like a tropical butterfly drifting away. Global warming has been diminished and wars have become history. Peace and happiness surrounds every living thing, and a soothing warmth spreads through their hearts like a baby’s laugh when you tickle their toes. Animals roaming everywhere, a lion with its majestic mane and lavish coat, a hare springing here there and everywhere. Little boys and girls in every country are playing sport, laughing and having fun without the threat of bullying or the sound of gunfire.

I am sitting in my satellite, pleased with my work as it was a challenge to undo the ungrateful things humans have done. All this had been done in just one day in charge, and is what I had wished for on the shooting star I saw last night. It feels like fireworks explode in my head as I realise that I can make a permanent difference. All I had to do was to get everyone to stop and think. To trigger a light bulb moment in the humans down below; to think of the future not the present. It wasn’t a difficult message to think of but, to show it to the world, that would be a more difficult task.

Read Ted’s entry in full

3rd Place – Poppy N

Poppy's piece was emotive with an excellent command of literary devices. The judges loved that she'd chosen not to solve seemingly big problems in the world, but to focus on real problems for individual children in the busy world we live in. Poppy delivers a salient message for us all, asking us to care about those we're close to.

Excerpt from Poppy’s entry:

A sudden snap of twigs and reality pierced through the illusion. Willow awoke amidst the dark greenery where she had fallen, submerged in the forest’s eerie beauty. Realisation washed over her like a cool breeze, and she retraced her steps towards home under the sterling moon’s gaze.

She reached the cobblestone path outside her house, a warm glow bleeding from the windows and onto the porch. Her dad’s eyes were green pools of regret as he paced the room. And the silhouette of her mother cradled one of Willow’s bears close to her heart, her mind flooded with sacred memories of her lost daughter.

Tears cascaded down Willow’s cheeks, flushed with gratitude, as she followed the warm path to the front door.

When there’s no one there to make you breakfast in the morning and wait for you after school, when you can go out and do whatever you like, what do you call it? Freedom or loneliness?

Read Poppy’s entry in full

Congratulations to the winners of the Atom Learning Young Author Award 2023!

You can read more about the Atom Learning Young Author Award here.


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