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Core Curriculum

Platform Overview

  • Use Learning Journeys to access your child’s tailored learning journey in English, maths and science

  • Complete custom practice activities to create focused revision activities and practice challenging topic areas

  • Register to attend exclusive subscriber-only Key Stage 2 lessons with some of the UK’s best teachers

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Learning Journeys

  • This is where your child should spend 90% of their time on Atom

  • Your child will follow their individual optimal learning path, unlocking new islands and worlds across the core subjects

  • Revisit islands until your child has achieved 3 gold stars in each one - this indicates topic mastery

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Custom Practice Activities

  • This is where your child should spend 10% of their time on Atom

  • Use your Parent Portal to identify strengths and areas for improvement before setting a Custom Practice for your child

  • You can include any combination of topics in a Custom Practice to fast-track topic mastery

  • Once an activity is set, it will appear in your child’s ‘To-do’ list

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Progress Page

  • Track your child's progress through the Attainment graph and Course Progress page

  • The Attainment graph is the best indicator of subject or topic mastery. A decile score of 7 or above shows strong subject mastery

  • The Course Progress page shows granular insights into your child's subject mastery. Three gold stars in each individual subtopic area demonstrates mastery of the entire National Curriculum at Key Stage 2 level

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