Atom Prime

Online adaptive learning at school.

Atom Prime is our online learning platform for schools. It uses the same adaptive technology as Atom Nucleus, with a few extra benefits.

  • Teachers can manage mixed-ability classes

  • Data-driven insights on your child's school performance

  • Easily integrate with Nucleus for the full learning experience

Atom Prime for online adaptive learning at school
Connecting home and school learning

Welcome to Atom Prime

Watch this webinar to see what makes Atom Prime unique – and how it perfectly complements Atom Nucleus to create a seamless educational experience for you and your child.

Mixed ability classes

Mixed-ability classes

Our AI identifies the probability a student has of answering a question correctly, meaning the content they see is personalised to their level.

Data-driven insights

Data-driven insights

Atom Prime provides data-driven insights on pupils and highlights individual strengths and areas for improvement, so teachers know where pupils need more support.

Industry-leading KS2 content

Industry-leading KS2 content

Atom Prime allows teachers to create lessons and homework in English, maths and science using high-quality resources.

Constant progression

Constant progression

You can be sure that your child is being challenged at the right level for them, regardless of how many pupils are in their class.

Clear visibility for you

Clear visibility for you

You don’t need to wait until parents’ evening to find out how your child is progressing at school – simply log in to your parent dashboard.

Relevant homework

Relevant homework

Our content is closely aligned to the national curriculum, ensuring your child’s lessons and homework are relevant and keeping them on track for success.

hours of video and text-based teaching resources
questions answered by students
of the UK's leading primary schools use Atom Prime

How does Atom Prime complement Atom Nucleus?

Connecting Atom Prime and Atom Nucleus

Seamless learning

By connecting Prime with Nucleus, your child can complete their homework, then extend their knowledge further through the Nucleus learning journeys.

Atom Prime gives teachers data insights

Teacher insights

Your child’s teacher will have detailed insights into how your child is working at home, allowing them to respond with targeted interventions.

Atom's Parent Portal gives you transparent data

Transparent data

As a parent with a Nucleus account, you will be able to see statistics and transcripts of your child’s school work through one easy-to-use dashboard.

Atom Prime overview

Atom Prime on a smartboard

Product summary

Atom Prime is an online learning platform designed for schools. It allows teachers to set and deliver fully-adaptive lessons and homework, with the ability to easily share performance insights with parents.

Atom Prime is completely free


Atom Prime is completely free to use.

Children who receive free school meals can subscribe to Atom Nucleus (our online learning platform for home) for free.

A learning journey on Atom Nucleus

Looking for home learning?

Atom Nucleus is our online platform for home, helping your child get ahead in Key Stage 2 and prepare for secondary school entrance exams.

Education Experts

Get expert advice

Our Education Experts are always on hand to help. If you have questions about your child's education or about Atom Prime or Nucleus, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] or book a free call below.

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What is the difference between Atom Prime and Atom Nucleus?

Atom Prime is a platform for schools that gives students access to short pieces of work to complete when set by a teacher. Atom Nucleus is for learning at home and gives unlimited access to all Key Stage 2 content and mock tests.

What content can my child access on Atom Prime?

Your child will be able to access any homework or lessons that have been set by their teacher. If you would like your child to have full access to the Key Stage 2 core curriculum, you will need an Atom Nucleus subscription.

Why should I link my child’s Prime and Nucleus accounts?

You and your child will have a seamless educational experience. Your child will be able to sign in with a single username and password to access both accounts in one place, and you can track their progress at home and school from one dashboard.

How do I link my child’s Prime and Nucleus accounts?

Log in to your child’s Nucleus account and click ‘Link Accounts’ in menu on the left. You’ll need to fill in your child’s school login details when prompted. If you experience any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

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