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Free Key Stage 2 platform for prep schools

Atom Prime is an online learning platform that helps your pupils succeed in English, maths, science and reasoning.

  • Create homework and lessons in seconds from national curriculum content

  • Save time with automatic marking

  • Get data-driven insights on pupil progress

Atom Prime for prep schools

What is Atom Prime?

Atom Prime is a classroom and homework platform that empowers you to:

  • Increase subject mastery in English, maths, science, verbal and non-verbal reasoning

  • Manage mixed-ability classes with adaptive learning

  • Provide in-class support with helpsheets and video tutorials

  • Prepare pupils for end-of-year tests and entrance exams

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Atom Prime gives you a bank of teacher-created content for:

Verbal reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Non-verbal reasoning
Non-verbal reasoning
questions written by teachers, for teachers
hours of video and text learning resources

Don't just take our word for it

Atom Prime helps teachers at Rokeby School save time – and its user-friendly features are a hit with teachers and pupils alike. Find out more from Shane Carey (Head of Middle School).

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Free features

Reduce workload

Reduce workload

Quickly build and customise homework and lessons using teacher-created Key Stage 2 content. Everything is automatically marked for you!

Manage mixed-ability classes

Atom's smart technology adapts to each pupil's level, selecting the content they see to maximise confidence and progress.

Watch learner outcomes improve and see your pupils succeed.

Get data-driven insights

Atom Prime gives you robust data to analyse year groups, classes and individuals.

Instantly see strengths, areas for development and opportunities for intervention.

Prepare pupils for entrance exams

Prepare pupils for entrance exams

Atom Prime is your all-in-one solution for entrance exam preparation.

Our content includes verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions, helping pupils prepare for the ISEB, CEM Select and other senior school entrance tests.

See Atom Prime in action

Optional paid features

Administer mock tests

  • Create, customise and manage practice papers for senior school entrance exams

  • Use Atom Foundation tests to analyse progress

  • Get reliable data on standardised scores, stanine and decile rankings

UK schools already use Atom Prime
of teachers say Atom Prime reduces workload


What age is Atom Prime suitable for?

Atom Prime is designed for children aged 7 to 11 (Years 3 to 6).

Who writes the content on Atom Prime?

All of the content you see on the platform is written by teachers, for teachers.

Is Atom Prime mapped to the national curriculum?

Yes – the English, maths and science content is grounded in the UK Key Stage 2 curriculum. The verbal and non-verbal reasoning content reflects senior school entrance exams.

How is Atom Prime adaptive?

The questions on Atom Prime adapt according to the likelihood that the pupil will get the question right. If a pupil answers a question correctly, the platform will show a more challenging question for that same topic later on – and vice versa.

Why is Atom Prime free?

We do have paid products for home learning and managing assessments, but we’ve chosen to offer the main features of Atom Prime free to schools as part of our mission to democratise education.

Can Atom Prime help my pupils prepare for entrance exams?

Atom Prime is a great way to support entrance exam preparation. The platform’s algorithm and content are reflective of entrance exams such as the ISEB.

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Eaton House the Manor

“A really effective and well-managed medium for teachers.”

Parsons Green Prep School

“It stretches every child according to their ability level.”

Thomas's Battersea

Thomas’s Battersea

“It is engaging and responsive. Children like it and will use it.”

The Hawthorns School

The Hawthorns School

“We use Atom Learning as part of our ISEB preparation. The mock tests provide informative data.”

Shrewsbury House School

"Having the statistics and data to hand straight away is superb for teachers, pupils and parents alike."

St Hugh's School

"Very efficient system for setting class and homework."

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