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Prime Overview

  • Free, adaptive online learning and teaching for Key Stage 2 and early Key Stage 3 students.

  • Designed exclusively for schools to reduce teacher workload and boost student outcomes.

  • Quickly set lessons and homework across English, maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and science.

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  • Set homework to build your students' subject mastery and to see performance insights. Everything is automatically marked!

  • Atom's adaptive algorithm tailors the difficulty to each individual's level, making it easier to manage mixed attainment classes.

  • Your homework builder allows you to set homework tasks immediately or schedule them: perfect for the holidays.

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  • Build your lesson from a bank of over 20,000 questions written by teachers, for teachers.

  • Build your lesson to suit you: add video tutorials, worked examples, practice questions.

  • Once the lesson is over you can view your students' results straight away.

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Results & Stats

  • View homework and lesson results from your main dashboard.

  • The results summary page provides a breakdown of the performance of all students.

  • The statistics page shows an instant snapshot of your school's performance; you can also view each class’s progress.

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Prime Parent Portal

  • Share transcripts from Lessons, Homework and Mock Tests with parents.

  • Parents can view the questions answered, total time spent, raw score and a student score.

  • Gain extra insights from students linked to an Atom Nucleus home account.

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Mock Tests

  • Set Mock Tests to get students exam ready or for an extra data point on strengths and areas for development.

  • Choose from a range of Mocks that closely mirror the ISEB Common Pre-tests, 11+ Grammar or other school-specific entrance exams.

  • Once a test is complete you can instantly view a results breakdown for your entire class.

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