The prizes! (the prizes are the same for both categories)


1st Place

  • A trip to Disneyland Paris for a family of four

  • A stack of novels

  • An illustrated book cover for their story, designed by a professional illustrator

  • £2,500 for your school


2nd Place

  • An overnight stay at London Zoo for a family of four, with travel covered

  • A stack of novels

  • £1,000 for your school


3rd Place

  • £250 voucher for Virgin Experience Days

  • A stack of novels

  • £500 for your school

The theme

The 2022 theme for Atom’s Young Author Award is A DAY THAT CHANGED THE WORLD.

Every day, our world is changing and impacting the lives of young people. Some of these changes are incredible, amazing feats that make the world a better place. Other changes are sadly less positive. We want our Young Authors to write a piece of original fiction about a day that changed the world. This theme can take pupils' writing anywhere. Perhaps your pupil or their main character…

  • Saved an endangered species?

  • Found a magical doorway to a better world or alternative reality?

  • Switched off the internet?

  • Discovered a solution to the climate crisis at the bottom of the sea?

  • Concocted a potion that made people fart embarrassingly loudly whenever they were angry?

  • Spoke to all of the world’s leaders to end world hunger and bring about world peace?

Whatever your pupils decide to write about, we’re looking for writing that makes the reader thirsty to read more! Our judges are looking for a highly readable story with engaging characters, a compelling plot and a thought-provoking message.

How can my class get involved?


1. Get inspired!

Have a look at our free creative writing resources and prompts to help your pupils plan their stories.


2. Get writing!

We're looking for stories that are inspired by the theme 'A day that changed the world' and are no longer than 500 words.

  • You can either send the entry link to your parent body as a summer holiday activity, or write entries in class!


3. Get excited!

We'll keep you and your pupils in the loop as the Award progresses, and our judges select six winners across our two categories (ages 7-9 and 10-11). Good luck!

  • All winners will receive both a prize for themselves and a cash prize for your school (£2,500, £1000, £500).


I have some questions about the competition. Who do I contact?

You can contact our competition team on [email protected].

How do I share the entry link with parents?

You can share the entry link ( with your parent body via email or school newsletter.

I want my whole class to enter. Is this OK?

Yes! We want to hear from as many passionate young writers as possible.

Do you have any suggested prompts?

Children can write on any topic they like as long as it's inspired by the theme 'A day that changed the world'. We’ve produced a teaching resource of creative writing prompts (that you can download below) if you plan to write entries in school.

How will entries be judged?

We’re looking for high-quality writing, creative flair, and a compelling storyline. Entries will be judged by our team of teachers and curriculum specialists.

Can children submit non-fiction writing?

Not this time! We’re looking for original fiction: stories that are inspired by the theme ‘A day that changed the world’.

How do children submit their entry?

All submissions must be made through the form below. Children can either type their entry and submit it as a Word document or PDF, or handwrite their entry and submit a scan or photo of it.

Are multiple entries allowed?

You can only enter the competition once. Full terms and conditions can be found at

When does the competition close?

Entries must be submitted by 18th September 2022.

Creative Writing Activity Pack

Ten activities to help your class develop their ideas, build up their character(s) and practise their writing skills.

Download here
**Entries are now closed!** Winners will be notified soon.

The Atom Learning Young Author Award 2022

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