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11 plus results 2023

By Atom | Oct 30, 2023, 5:21 PM

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Has your child applied for entry to a grammar school in 2024? Find out when you can expect to receive their 11 plus results and learn about the next steps.

When do grammar schools in my area release 11+ results?

You’ll receive your child’s 11 plus results a few weeks after the exam. Results are always sent before the secondary school application deadline (31st October), so you’ll have time to decide which schools to name as your preferences.

The results will be sent to you by email, via online link, or a letter sent by first-class post. They will be sent by the school itself or by the grammar school consortium (if your target school is a member).

We’ve included the 11+ results dates for schools in your county or borough below.

  • Herschel Grammar School: mid-October 2023

  • Kendrick School: mid-October 2023

  • Langley Grammar School: mid-October 2023

  • Reading Girls’ School: before 31st October 2023

  • Reading School: mid-October 2023

  • St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School: mid-October 2023

  • Upton Court Grammar School: mid-October 2023

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What happens on 11+ results day?

When you receive your child’s test results, you will find out if they have achieved the ‘qualifying standard’. This is a pass mark, or score range, set by the school or the consortium. Some schools will let you know your child's exact score, while others will let you know if they have passed or not. Guidance about understanding your child's results will be sent to you, or included in the school admissions policy.

If your child meets the qualifying standard, they will be eligible for a place. You can then choose to name the school as a preference on your common application form.

After the common application form deadline (31st October 2023), schools will decide which children to offer places to. They will work through their oversubscription criteria to decide which children to prioritise. We've included more information about this below.

What happens after I receive my child’s 11+ results?

All state secondary school places in the UK need to be applied to via your local authority. If your child has passed the 11+ exam or achieved the qualifying standard, you can apply to a grammar school.

To apply for school places, complete the application form on your local authority website. Even if your target school is in a different authority area, you need to complete the form for your own authority. You can find out which local authority you live in on

Most local authorities will let you list up to three or four secondary schools that you would be happy for your child to go to. If you live in London, you can apply for up to six schools.

If your child qualifies for multiple schools, they will be offered a place at the school you have ranked highest. This means that it's best to put your preferred school at the top.

Make sure to include at least one school on your list where your child is highly likely to be offered a place. Only the local authority knows which schools you have applied to, so don’t limit your options by leaving blanks on the form.

When will I know if my child has a place?

You will find out which school your child has been offered a place at on National Offer Day on 1st March. Your child's school might receive this information before 1st March, but they won't be able to communicate this with you.

If your child isn't offered a place at one of their top choices, you have the right to appeal. The appeal process is different for every local authority, but you will have at least 20 days from when you receive the offer to submit an appeal. Information about the appeals process will be available on your local authority website.

If you do decide to appeal, it's best to accept your child's place in the meantime. This means they will still have a school place even if your appeal is unsuccessful.

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