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Analysing Mock Tests with Atom School

By Atom | Feb 2, 2024, 12:05 PM


Mock Tests are a great way of informing future learning.

With Atom School's Mock Tests you can accurately assess how your pupils have done at both a macro and micro level.

Prepare your students for exam conditions while calculating where mastery has been achieved and which topics still need a little more work.

If you missed out on how to Set a Mock Test with Atom School, then take a look at our recent blog.

For those of you who want to maximise learner outcomes through Mock Test analysis, here’s how:

Instant insight

Once your pupils have concluded their Mock Test, teachers have immediate access to the results dashboard.

Here, you can toggle between the exams your pupils have taken and can perform granular analysis across class, individual or topics.

analyse mock test 1.gif

Atom’s analysis transcript includes:

Standard Age Score

A numerical indication of how a pupil is performing relative to a national average of pupils the same age.

Stanine Ranking

A Stanine (or standard nine) score is a way of scaling results on a nine-point scale. It converts any test to a positive, single-digit score between zero and nine.

For more information on Standard Age Scores and Stanine Ranking, check out our blog on 11-plus scores.

Pupil summary

A brief analysis of how each individual found the Mock Test, complete with targeted areas of improvement and suggestions on exam technique.

Time breakdown

An average ‘time per question’ metric as well as a timestamp for the completion of the entire Mock Test.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can now go for a data deep dive and inform your next steps in the classroom!

Informing future learning with Atom Prime

There are a number of advantages to be gained from conducting Mock Tests with Atom Prime:

Exam technique

With Prime’s time breakdown, you can assess those pupils who are racing through their papers, versus those who spend too long pondering questions.

Intervention can be crucial in ensuring those who are slower give themselves ample time to complete and check their assessment. Conversely, those who rush through and make small errors can pace themselves and show their workings before moving ahead.

Being able to discuss time spent on questions can be a great way of understanding individual approaches to questions. In turn, these techniques can be adapted to maximise outcomes.

It’s also important to note that our adaptive tests do not allow you to go back and modify previously answered questions. This is in line with industry standards so it’s worth bearing this in mind when conducting tests such as the ISEB Pre-Test.

Parental engagement

Once a Mock Test is completed, teachers have the ability to share exam transcripts with parents.

analyse mock test 3.gif

Provide a complete academic picture and allow parents to support their child’s learning outside the classroom.

Now, topics can be targeted which will be of distinct benefit to the pupil’s progress.

Ability subtopic breakdown

Atom Prime’s ability subtopic breakdown shows the probability of a child answering an average difficulty question correctly.

Each child is provided with their own graph. This allows you to assess where mastery has been achieved and where knowledge gaps have appeared.

analyse mock test 2.gif

If you don’t have time to address individual skill gaps in the classroom, you can set homework with Atom Prime and be prescriptive to each individual.

Triage issues and allow them to discover success on their own terms with dedicated help sheets and walk-through videos.

Whole class results summary

Our downloadable classroom summary gives you access to each child’s subtopic breakdown. From there, you then have the functionality to rank their aptitude across a host of topics.

By analysing this information, you can plan for the coming lessons knowing that you are targeting common areas of difficulty across the entire class.

Maximise outcomes across English, maths, science and reasoning in minutes!

Get access to your free (yes, free!) Mock Tests credits below.

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Atom Learning for your school

To find out how you can introduce Atom Prime and our market-leading Mock Tests to your school’s assessment procedures, why not book an introductory call with our Schools Team today!

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