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Private schools in Buckinghamshire

By Atom | Jan 2, 2024, 3:36 PM

Independent schools in Buckinghamshire

Are you considering a private school in Buckinghamshire for your child? There are 8 senior schools to choose from – including some of the best in the country.

Find out everything you need to know about private schools in Buckinghamshire, including fees, exam results, and how to apply for a place.

What are the best private schools in Buckinghamshire?

The following 3 private senior schools were ranked the best in Buckinghamshire in 2024 based on recent exam results.

  1. Wycombe Abbey

  2. St Mary's School Gerrards Cross

  3. Pipers Corner School

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How much do private schools cost in Buckinghamshire?

The fees for private schools in Buckinghamshire vary. Day fees range from just under 5,000 to £12,000 per term for day pupils, and boarding fees range from just over £11,000 to nearly £16,000.

The cheapest private school in Buckinghamshire is The Webber Independent School in Milton Keynes. The most expensive is Wycombe Abbey, where boarding costs £15,900 per term.

What's included in the school fees?

Independent school fees always include the cost of teaching. Some of the fees which might be charged separately include school lunch and exams (e.g. GCSEs, A levels and the IB Diploma). If your child goes to a boarding school, the fees usually include the full cost of boarding (lodging, meals etc.).

Before you register your child for a school, it's best to check exactly what's included in the fees. You will usually need to pay a non-refundable registration fee on application (often £100–£300) and a deposit when you accept an offer.

Help with school fees in Buckinghamshire

Most private schools in Buckinghamshire offer financial assistance to children who meet certain criteria. The most common type of assistance is a bursary, which is means-tested. Lots of schools also offer scholarships, but these are based on talent and are not means-tested.

Bursaries are a type of means-tested financial assistance. They're normally offered on a sliding scale, so children from lower-income families receive more support. Eligible children still need to meet the school's entrance criteria.

Most private schools in Buckinghamshire offer bursaries, with some covering up to 100% of school fees in exceptional circumstances.

If you think your child might be eligible for a bursary, you'll need to complete a bursary application form for your target school. This will involve supplying detailed financial evidence. You might also have a home visit from a member of the bursary team, or an independent advisor.

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Private girls' schools in Buckinghamshire

Day school in High Wycombe for girls aged 4–18.

  • Address: Pipers Corner School, Pipers Lane, Great Kingshill, High Wycombe, HP15 6LP

  • Number of students: 600+

  • Fees per term: £7,565

  • Financial assistance: means-tested bursaries

  • 11+ scholarships: academic, art, drama, music, and PE

  • A level results (2023): 82% A*–B

  • GCSE results (2023): 50% A*/A/9/8/7

  • National rank: 155

  • 11+ exam: English and maths tests

Private boys' schools in Buckinghamshire

Day school in Gerrards Cross for boys aged 4–16 with a mixed sixth form (new from September 2024).

  • Address: Thorpe House School, 29 Oval Way, Gerrards Cross, SL9 8QA

  • Number of students: 250+

  • Fees per term: £6,750–£7,250

  • Financial assistance: means-tested bursaries and sibling discounts

  • 11+ scholarships: academic, performing arts, and sport

  • A level results (2023): undisclosed

  • GCSE results (2023): 32% A*/A/9/8/7

  • 11+ exam: English and maths

Private co-educational schools in Buckinghamshire

Non-selective day school in Buckingham for boys and girls aged 11–18.

  • Address: Akeley Wood School, Akeley Wood House, Bycell Road, Buckingham, MK18 5AE

  • Number of students: approx. 500

  • Fees per term: £5,877–£6,222

  • Financial assistance: sibling discounts

  • 11+ scholarships: no

  • A level results (2022): 25* A*/A

  • GCSE results (2022): 38.2% 9–7

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