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Easter holidays 11 plus preparation plan

By Atom | Jun 20, 2023, 3:59 PM

Easter 11 plus preparation plan

If your child is in Year 5 and applying to a selective private school or grammar school, their 11 plus exam will be coming up in the autumn term. The Easter holiday is a great time to make strides with their preparation, alongside a well-deserved break.

Discover how to help your child use this time effectively to minimise stress and maximise confidence when the 11 plus comes around.

Free online video lessons

Atom's lessons provide a fun and interactive way to keep your child engaged with their learning during school holidays! They're free to attend for anyone, although Atom Nucleus subscribers can watch them on-demand any time from the app.

11 plus exam prep lessons

In this free course, we teach your child how to ace the 11 plus with top tips, practice questions and advice on how best to revise.

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Easter live lessons with Atom Learning

Lessons for younger siblings

Atom has lessons for younger siblings too, with maths, English, science and reasoning sessions for children in Years 3 and 4.

Get your full Easter Holidays Live Lesson timetable here!

Try some 11 plus practice questions

This free pack covers question types your child will see in the real 11 plus:

  • Verbal reasoning: odd ones out, jumbled sentences, anagrams, choose the word, letter sequences, deductions

  • Non-verbal reasoning: parts within a shape, find a code, match to a pair, sequences, reflections, nets from 3D shapes


Easter practice pack

  • 12 questions

  • Answer pack with helpful explanations to review together

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Easter 11 plus reasoning question pack

What should we be doing during the Easter holidays to prepare for the 11 plus?

We recommend Year 5 children spend 2–2.5 hours on home learning each week, broken down into short sessions of 20–30 minutes.

By now, your child should have built a solid understanding across the depth and breadth of the English and maths national curriculum, and all reasoning question types. Keep working through the Learning Journeys to help them maintain this knowledge.

With just under six months to go until the 11 plus in September, now is the time to introduce Mock Tests so that your child can get used to the timing and scoring used in the real exams. At the start of the Easter holidays, complete one Mock Test in each subject.

Always take a few minutes to sit down together after a Mock Test to review the transcript and talk through any corrections – and of course, celebrate their effort. This step helps consolidate learning and keep motivation up.

Use the test results to identify any knowledge gaps, and set Custom Practices to target these. Try setting two or three Custom Practices per week.

Parent webinar: Easter home learning

In this webinar, Gemma, Atom's Head of Customer Success, will help you get the most out of holiday learning at home. She discusses:

  • How you should be structuring your child's learning

  • How you can track and accelerate your child's progress using your Parent Portal

  • How you can keep your child motivated during the school break

More 11 plus resources

Complete guide to the 11 plus

Learn about the exam papers and school application process in depth.

Dealing with exam stress

Help your child manage test anxiety and feel confident.

Nucleus maths fractions demo

Test your knowledge

Try answering some 11+ questions

Let's go!

Personalised 11 plus prep for your child

Wondering how to make sure your child covers the depth and breadth of the entire 11 plus curriculum, stays on track with their progress, and gets help when they're stuck? Online learning is a particularly efficient, cost-effective (and fun) way to do this!

Atom Nucleus is the award-winning online 11 plus practice platform that gives your child everything they need to prepare for grammar school exams.

Children work independently through over 90,000 interactive practice questions in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Teacher-created helpsheets and videos help them discover new concepts and consolidate their learning.

Atom's algorithm keeps children on their ideal learning path, tailored to their unique learning style and pace to keep them challenged and motivated.

Unlimited 11 plus Mock Tests

Atom Nucleus gives children access to online practice papers. Our online tests are designed to mirror the format and style of the real exams used in your local grammar schools, so your child will go into the exam knowing exactly what to expect.

And what's more, everything is automatically marked for you.

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Begin your child's journey to success in the 11 plus today. Use the full features of Atom Nucleus free for 5 days – cancel anytime.

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