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Supporting children to access grammar schools in Birmingham

Apr 17, 2024, 10:16 AM

King Edward VI Foundation in Birmingham

We’re excited to share the news that we are partnering with the King Edward VI Foundation to help 1,500 children in Birmingham feel confident for entrance tests.

Children who are eligible for pupil premium and are applying to a King Edward VI Foundation grammar school in 2024 will get a free Atom Home subscription.

The Foundation is responsible for the education of children at a range of independent, grammar and comprehensive secondary schools across Birmingham. They’re already recognised nationally for work to improve access to grammar schools among children from low-income families.

We wholeheartedly support this mission here at Atom. We developed our home learning platform as a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional test preparation.

We hope that by working together to make entrance test resources freely available, more low-income families will feel empowered to register for the entrance test. We also hope that the friendly and comprehensive content on Atom Home will support children and parents alike to feel more at ease on test day.

Jodh Dhesi, Chief Executive Officer, King Edward VI Foundation

Jodh Dhesi, Chief Executive Officer at the Foundation

"We are delighted to be partnering with Atom Learning to launch this new initiative. The Foundation is proud of the pioneering work we have done to support children from low-income backgrounds to access our grammar schools. This new platform takes our support offer to the next level, and we are excited about the impact it could have."

Anna Masterson, Chief Learning Officer, Atom Learning

Anna Masterson, Chief Learning Officer at Atom Learning

"We are truly excited to partner with the King Edward VI Foundation. This partnership will bring our cutting-edge learning technology to even more families. We firmly believe that our platform empowers children to not only excel on entrance test day, but also to build lasting confidence and pave their path to success throughout Key Stage 3 and beyond."

About Atom Home

Atom Home (formerly Atom Nucleus) is an online learning platform designed to help children feel confident for tests. It supports children to build knowledge with interactive questions and videos, and develop skills using mock tests.

Maths learning journey on Atom Nucleus

The platform adapts to each child’s learning styles and areas for development. Meanwhile, parents can track their child’s progress towards the test on their dashboard.

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If your child is eligible for free Atom Home, you will get a letter from their primary school. To learn more, email [email protected] or go to the Foundation's website:

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