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Top tips to find a private tutor for your child

By Atom | Jun 20, 2023, 4:34 PM

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Private tutors can be a great resource to support your child’s education. The right tutor can help your child progress in core subjects, prepare for school tests and entrance exams, and boost your child’s confidence. However, as the tutoring industry in the UK is largely unregulated, finding a tutor can be a challenging experience.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to find a private tutor – and how to get that perfect match for your child.

How do you choose a private tutor?

Identify your goals

Before you begin your search, consider the goals you have for your child. Are they preparing for entry to a selective secondary school – such as taking the 11 plus to get into a grammar or independent school? Or are they struggling to get to grips with certain subjects, and would benefit from extra support to help them catch up with their peers? Once you have identified your goals, refine your search to find a tutor who can demonstrate expertise and experience in these areas.

Consider the format

Think about how you would like your child to be tutored – would you like in-person or online tutoring?

While in-person tutoring more closely resembles the style of teaching your child receives in the classroom, an online tutor can be a great alternative and is becoming an increasingly popular option for families. Online tuition can save you time and energy by fitting easily into your family’s schedule, while tutors are constantly innovating to ensure their online lessons are engaging and exciting for their students.

Try before you buy

If you’ve found a potential match, you can ask for a trial session before committing to buy. This is a service many tutors offer, and a great opportunity to see whether the tutor and their teaching style are a good fit for your child. Does your child seem motivated and engaged? Are they responding well to the tutor? Does the tutor’s real-life personality and experience match the information on their profile?

If the answer to all of the above is ‘yes’, you may have found yourself a good match!

How do you find a good tutor?

Word of mouth

Ask around for recommendations, such as the parents of your child’s peers at school or on parent forums. There’s a good chance that a private tutor will be able to help your child if they’re working well with other students of a similar age or learning level.

It’s also worth enquiring about extra tuition through your child’s school. If your child’s teachers agree that additional support, or extended learning beyond the curriculum, would be beneficial, they may be able to help you find the right tutor. This may include former or part-time teachers – they’ll be equipped with skills and qualifications in education, as well as access to learning resources to structure their lessons.

Research carefully

If you’re looking for a tutor on an online database, consider the filters you might want to apply to refine your search:

  • Does your child need help with a specific subject (e.g. maths)? Include subject tutors in your search and consider university qualifications (e.g. BA, BSc, MA, MSc etc.) as a demonstration of subject expertise.

  • Is it important that your child’s potential tutor can demonstrate previous tutoring experience? If so, you may be able to narrow your search by the number of years of experience.

  • Are you specifically interested in face-to-face tutoring? Search for local tutors using your postcode or town as a focus point.

If your child has specific learning difficulties, we recommend that you look for a tutor who holds qualifications and skills in special needs education and has demonstrable experience teaching children with similar needs to your child.

What is the best site to find a tutor?

  • Atom Tuition: online tutoring in English, maths, science, and selective school entry exams. With Atom Tuition, the hard work is done for you – all private tutors have received enhanced DBS checks and the client managers will match the right tutor to your child. Atom Tuition is unique in its data-driven approach, so you can ensure every lesson is carefully tailored to your child’s specific needs.

  • Pembroke Tutors: one of the leading tutoring agencies in London. Pembroke’s professional tutors and qualified teachers are available for support with entry to selective secondary schools.

  • SENsational Tutors: online and face-to-face tutoring for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). SENsational Tutors will help you find a qualified teacher who has the skills and experience necessary to teach your child and support their learning.

  • The Golden Circle: private tutoring for entrance exams, GCSEs, A levels and university admissions, by qualified teachers who have taught for a minimum of two years in the classroom.

  • First Tutors: a database of in-person and online tutors and tutoring agencies in a range of academic subjects, as well as music, IT, foreign languages, business, dance and the arts.

  • Fleet Tutors: in-person private tutoring agency with 40 years of experience in the industry. A home-schooling service is also available.

Find the perfect tutor with Atom Tuition

At Atom, we have a hassle-free service to help you find a tutor. Our team of dedicated client managers will talk to you about your child and their needs, matching you with the perfect tutor to help your child achieve their full potential and boost confidence for their education and beyond.

One-to-one private tuition with Atom is available for Key Stage 2 core subjects (English, maths and science) and preparation for selective secondary schools. You’ll get:

  • A uniquely personalised and data-driven tutoring service

  • A carefully-selected tutor who has undergone enhanced DBS checks and has a proven track record for success

  • Weekly reporting and termly assessments, with 24/7 access to your child’s progress data

  • Discounted access to our award-winning online platform Atom Home for continuous learning between sessions

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed; if you feel that your introductory lesson isn’t a positive experience, we’ll give you a free replacement with another tutor or a full refund

Find out more about Atom Tuition

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