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How to choose texts for your class

Reading is an extremely powerful tool that can be used in the classroom for a variety of different purposes (in addition to stories that are read for pleasure, which is of course valuable in itself). In this blog, teacher Victoria Morris explores how you can pick stellar reading materials for your class.


Free KS2 Halloween resources

Love Halloween? It's all treats no tricks with our devilishly delightful Halloween activities and worksheets!

These visual and engaging Halloween themed resources are the perfect way to add a little spooky fun to your classroom this October.


Count down to ISEB: how to maximise your teaching time

The demands of the ISEB test require KS2 teachers ensure children are well-drilled across all four areas of learning, which means that teaching time is more precious than ever. Explore techniques to help maximise your teaching time in the countdown to ISEB.


Supporting wellbeing in the classroom

Explore impactful strategies and practices that you can introduce to help promote a culture of positive mental health and wellbeing in your classroom.


I do, we do, you do: introducing new learning effectively

Teacher Victoria Morris explores the benefits of gradual release of responsibility model, otherwise known ‘I do, we do, you do’. Learn how this simple but powerful framework can support effective learning in your classroom.


How Atom Prime aligns with National Curriculum Objectives

Everything you need to know about how the content on Atom Prime maps to the National Curriculum objectives in English, maths and science.


Free 45 minute reading comprehension lesson

Ease the pressure during this busy time with our free comprehension lesson activity pack. Designed by our Education Experts, these packs contain everything you need to complete a 45 minute comprehension lesson.


Teaching for long term learning

Teacher Victoria Morris shares everything you need to know about teaching for long term learning. Learn key strategies to help children transfer knowledge to their long-term memory, across both planning and classroom activities.

How to create a diverse reading list for KS2


How to create a diverse reading list for Key Stage 2

Teacher Doaa Al-Soraimi discusses the importance of diverse representation in literature and how teachers can support meaningful change.


How Atom Prime can support the Curriculum for Excellence

With contact time in Scotland some of the highest internationally (22.5 hours), we understand your time is precious. Designed with teachers in mind, Atom Prime provides a unique toolkit to support teachers with the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).

How to boost your pupils' creativity this summer


How to boost your pupils' creativity this summer

What can we do to encourage our students to get their creative juices flowing over the holidays and prevent 'summer learning loss'?

How to avoid summer 'brain drain' in your pupils


How to avoid summer ‘brain drain’ in your pupils

While we heartily approve of a restful summer, here are a few tips for teachers on how to avoid the dreaded ‘brain drain’ in your pupils.


Setting a lesson with Atom Prime

Create a lesson with Atom Prime in minutes! With our adaptive algorithm, find out how Prime provides tailored content to all KS2 and early KS3 learners.


What is adaptive learning?

Find out how Atom Learning's adaptive algorithm is engineered to create the best learning experience for KS2 and early KS3 students.

Time saving tips for teachers


Time-saving tips for teachers

Save time and improve outcomes with Atom Learning. Uncover how Atom Prime, our online learning platform, can support teaching and learning on a daily basis…


Setting homework with Atom Prime

Set and schedule homework during the Easter break with Atom Learning to support your students ahead of KS2 SATs and prepare your class for the summer term.


5 ways to introduce Shakespeare in your classroom

Introduce Wiliam Shakespeare to your primary school classroom with these top tips for KS2 and take part in Atom Learning's true or false Shakespeare quiz.

Port Regis school

Independent schools

Atom Learning visits Port Regis School in Dorset

Atom had the pleasure of visiting Port Regis school in Dorset to speak to Senior Deputy Head, James Webb. See what he had to say in this latest interview.

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