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The top 10 benefits of online tutoring

By Atom | Dec 7, 2022, 12:59 PM

Top 10 benefits of online tutoring


Online tutoring is a popular option for many parents looking to help their child prepare for specific exams, or to catch up or get ahead in school. Keep reading for the top 10 benefits of online tutoring and find out how to get your child started with the best online tutor today.

1. Access a better range of online tutors

While urban dwellers tend to have a bigger pool of tutors to choose from, rural families will have fewer options. Regardless of where you live, travel time and commuting costs limit the number of tutors available. Additionally, you may find that the best and highest-qualified tutors have long waiting lists for new clients.

Online tuition reduces geographical boundaries. As long as your child has access to a digital device and an internet connection, you'll have plenty more tutors to choose from.

2. A convenient experience for families

Family life comes with lots of planning and logistics. Driving to and from a tutor's house, or making sure that at least one parent is at home to let the tutor in, adds extra stress to already-busy schedules.

Online tutoring is far more convenient for families. Removing the hassle of travelling means you can make your child's tutoring sessions work for your schedule – not the other way around.

3. Learning takes place in a familiar environment

Meeting a new person can be a daunting experience for plenty of children, and one-to-one encounters can be even more intimidating. If your child is particularly shy, it may take longer for them to open up and engage while learning with in-person tutors.

Online tutoring can be a more comfortable experience for children as they will be able to learn in a relaxed environment, such as their own home. When your child is comfortable in their space, they will engage more with their tutor and get the most out of their sessions.

4. Improve your child’s technology skills

Digital skills have never been in higher demand and are a key requirement for many careers. While plenty of schools now use technology in the classroom, there's no harm in giving your child a helping hand at home.

Regardless of whether your child is already using tech at school, online tuition is a great way for them to practise these valuable skills. Becoming confident with online resources will help them in the long run too, putting them in good stead for their secondary education and beyond.

5. Remove paperwork and unnecessary admin

Most face-to-face education involves a lot of paper organisation and admin. If your child is school-educated, you may already feel the pressure of making sure your child has the right books packed for each day.

Online tutoring can remove the paperwork. Lessons and homework normally take place online, and work is automatically marked. No more heavy books and endless course material!

6. Enjoy a more personalised experience

Traditional teaching and tutoring tends to rely on paper textbooks and workbooks. These are usually structured according to the course syllabus and have a finite number of questions and exercises.

Online tutoring services such as Atom Tuition use intelligent tech to create a personalised experience. An adaptive algorithm adjusts the difficulty of the content to fit the child’s learning style and optimal pace. This helps to keep them challenged and stretched, without losing motivation in their learning.

7. Save money with online tutoring

Face-to-face tutoring comes with lots of overhead costs, including commuting, purchasing textbooks and printing course materials.

Online tutoring can remove these costs entirely. Additionally, the time saved by not having to travel can increase a tutor's availability and the number of students they can teach in a day. As a result, online tuition can be more competitively priced than face-to-face tuition.

8. Integrate online learning tools and resources

With online tutoring, there are many online learning tools and resources that can be seamlessly used in sessions. This makes the learning experience more engaging for students.

Tutors can make the most of features such as screen sharing, videos, whiteboards and interactive quizzes and polls, as well as online platforms and third-party software. Keeping lessons varied will help your child stay motivated and engaged, meaning you'll see better results.

Did you know? 98% of students using Atom find learning on our platform more enjoyable than studying from books.

9. Get peace of mind with safer lessons

It’s natural (and wise) to be safety-conscious when it comes to your child’s education. UK teachers have to have an enhanced DBS check and a barred list check to work in schools, but this isn't legally required in the tutoring industry.

While plenty of tutors will undergo these checks, online tutoring can provide an extra level of reassurance for parents. The tutor is removed from the room and on-screen interactions are recorded, giving you that extra piece of mind.

10. Students can be carefully matched to the right tutor

If you’re looking for a tutor for your child, it can be difficult to know where to start. While it's tempting to choose a tutor that comes recommended by a friend or peer, every student has different learning needs. What works for your friend’s child might not work for yours.

Online tutoring services can remove the stress of finding the right tutor. Algorithms and bespoke matching services like Atom Tuition ensure that your child's tutor is a perfect match. All you'll need to do is answer some questions about your child's characteristics, current learning style and end goals. Our client managers will then find a tutor who can meet your child's individual needs, helping them get the most out of every session.

Find the perfect match with Atom Tuition

Atom Tuition is an online tutoring platform designed to help children aged 7 to 11 build confidence, prepare for exams and improve academic performance in core subjects.

We can help you find the perfect private tutor for your child. Our team of dedicated client managers will talk to you about your child and their specific goals, then we’ll carefully select the right tutor to help your child meet their goals.

You’ll get:

  • A uniquely personalised online one-to-one tutoring service

  • An experienced and qualified tutor with a track record for success

  • Weekly reporting and termly assessments, with 24/7 access to your child’s progress data

  • Discounted access to our award-winning online learning platform for continuous learning

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you feel that your introductory lesson isn’t a positive experience, we’ll give you a free replacement with another tutor or a full refund

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