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Christmas worksheets: non-verbal reasoning

By Atom | Dec 6, 2022, 4:35 PM

Christmas worksheets: non-verbal reasoning

Looking for activities for your child this winter? Bring some festive fun to 11 plus preparation with these free Christmas-themed puzzles!

Download the free question pack

This printable non-verbal reasoning practice pack includes eight sequences questions. Sequences questions are commonly found in the non-verbal reasoning section of GL and CEM 11 plus exams.

Download question pack

The question pack includes:

  • 8 practice questions

  • Answers and explanations

  • A sequences helpsheet in case you get stuck

Christmas non-verbal reasoning questions

What are sequences questions in non-verbal reasoning?

In sequences questions, your child will be shown an incomplete sequence of images. The images change according to a pattern. Your child will need to work out the rule(s) for this pattern and select the image that continues or completes the sequence.

Non-verbal reasoning: sequences video

In this tutorial, Sonya teaches you how to answer sequences questions for the 11 plus.

Non-verbal reasoning - sequences: 11+ exam prep

More resources:

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More holiday activities for your child

Don’t forget to download your free non-verbal reasoning practice!

Non-verbal reasoning sequences practice questions: Download now

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