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Easter holidays Year 6 SATs preparation plan

By Atom | Jun 20, 2023, 3:59 PM

SATs preparation plan for the Easter holidays


If your child is in Year 6, their SATs exams are coming up in May. The Easter school holiday is a great time to prepare alongside a well-deserved break.

Discover how to help your child use this time effectively to minimise stress and maximise confidence when the SATs come around.

What should we be doing during the Easter holidays to prepare for SATs?

Use this time to focus on topic areas that your child is finding challenging. Set Custom Practice activities in these areas together so that your child can take responsibility for their learning while building their curriculum knowledge.

Set your child a SATs mock test once a week to practise exam technique. This will ensure that your child is confident for the tests.

Don’t forget about science! It’s important to build mastery in science, as well as English and maths as, despite not being assessed in the SATs, your child will likely sit a science test at school.

Remember to review the schedule for test week to ensure that there are no surprises!

SATs schedule 2023

The Key Stage 2 SATs have been moved by one day because the original dates clashed with the bank holiday to mark the coronation of King Charles III. Here are the new dates:

SATs schedule 2023 udpated

Tuesday 9th May

  • English paper 1: SPAG test (grammar and punctuation) – 45 minutes, worth 50 marks

  • English paper 2: SPAG test (spelling) – 15-20 minutes, worth 20 marks

Wednesday 10th May

  • English paper 3: reading test – 60 minutes, worth 50 marks

Thursday 11th May

  • Maths paper 1: arithmetic – 30 minutes, worth 30 marks

  • Maths paper 2: reasoning – 40 minutes, worth 40 marks

Friday 12th May

  • Maths paper 3: reasoning – 40 minutes, worth 40 marks

SATs revision checklists

Download these Year 6 SATs checklists to help structure your child's revision:

Maths SATs checklist

English SATs checklist

Parent webinars

Easter home learning

In this webinar, Gemma, Atom's Head of Customer Success, will help you get the most out of holiday learning at home. She discusses:

  • How you should be structuring your child's learning

  • How you can track and accelerate your child's progress using your Parent Portal

  • How you can keep your child motivated during the school break

SATs preparation

Customer Success Manager Charlotte explores what to expect from the Year 6 SATs exam in 2023, and how to prepare at home:

Targeted SATs preparation

For the ultimate independent learning experience for your child, try Atom Home.

Atom Home is an award-winning online learning platform with over 90,000 questions written by expert teachers. Nucleus takes children on a personalised learning journey to master all content they need for the SATs – at the pace that is right for them.

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Here to help with your SATs preparation journey

We're here to answer any questions you have about the SATs tests in 2023. To discuss your child’s progress with a SATs expert, contact us to arrange a call.

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