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Lancaster Royal Grammar School 11 plus guide

By Atom | Jun 20, 2023, 4:14 PM

Lancaster Royal Grammar School 11 plus entry guide

Are you considering Lancaster Royal Grammar School? We've collated all the information you need to know about 2024 entry to Year 7. Keep reading to learn about the admissions process for grammar schools in Lancashire – and how to help your son excel in the 11 plus exam.

About Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Founded in the 13th century, Lancaster Royal Grammar School is a selective boys' day school as well as a successful state boarding school.

Rated Outstanding by Ofsted, the school's academic results are consistently strong. Pupils are encouraged to take part in an extensive co-curricular programme. Many activities are supported by the school’s Annual Fund and some operate alongside Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School prides itself on being a quality, affordable alternative to the independent sector. Their boarding fees are only a third of the average cost of private boarding schools.

  • Address: East Road, Lancaster, LA1 3EF

  • Local authority: Lancashire County Council

  • School type: boys' grammar (day and boarding)

  • Headteacher: Chris Pyle

  • Number of pupils: 1,260

  • National rank (Sunday Times Parent Power): 126

  • A level results: 76.9% A*–B

  • GCSE results: 63.2% 9/8/7

Key info for Year 7 admissions

  • Admissions contact: [email protected] or 01524 580629

  • Number of places in Year 7: 180 (156 day places, 24 boarding places)

  • 11 plus registration opens: early May 2023

  • 11 plus registration closes: 4th September 2023

  • Open day: 17th June 2023

  • Exam date: 30th September 2023

  • Exam type: GL Assessment

  • Local authority application form deadline: 31st October 2023

  • National school offer day: 1st March 2024

Lancaster Royal Grammar School term dates

The 2023–2024 term dates at Lancaster Royal Grammar School are:

  • Michaelmas (autumn) term: 4th September – 20th December 2023

  • Half term: 23rd–30th October

  • Lent (spring) term: 9th January – 28th March 2024

  • Half term: 12th–16th February 2024

  • Summer term: 15th April – 17th July 2024

  • Half term: 27th–31st May 2024

How to apply to Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Lancaster Royal Grammar School shares an entrance test with Lancaster Girls' Grammar School and Clitheroe Royal Grammar School.

1. Register for the 11 plus

Before registering, speak to your child’s teacher to see if the 11 plus and grammar school is right for them.

While your child is in Year 5, register them to take the 11 plus on the school website. Registration will close on 4th September 2023. If you would like to apply for a boarding place, you should contact the school here.

2. Apply for school places

Your child's results will be posted to you by 11th October 2023. If your child scores highly enough, you can include grammar schools on your local authority application form. If you live in Lancashire, you can name up to three preferences for secondary schools on your form.

Before listing Lancaster Royal Grammar School as a preference on your form, check its admissions policy and make sure your child is eligible. The application form must be submitted to your home local council by 31st October 2023.

What's on the Lanacashire 11 plus exam?

The Lancashire 11 plus test is provided by GL Assessment. It consists of three papers, each lasting about 45–50 minutes:

  • Maths

  • English

  • Verbal reasoning

The test is entirely multiple-choice format, with no writing sections. Children record their answers in a separate answer booklet which is marked electronically. They are given instructions by the examiners on how to record their answers.

The maths and English questions assess your child's understanding of Key Stage 2 national curriculum content, including Year 6 objectives. It tests their ability to reason and apply knowledge accurately.

The verbal reasoning questions assess your child’s logic and problem-solving ability using written information. Reasoning topics are not typically taught at school. They are intended to measure how well children can spot patterns with, connect and manipulate words and numbers.

Unlike many other areas, Lancashire 11 plus does not include non-verbal reasoning.

Learn about each subject in detail and get free preparation resources in our full 11 plus guide:

11 plus preparation guide

What is the pass mark for Lancaster Royal Grammar School?

After your child takes the exam, their scores are age-standardised and combined to give a total score across all three papers, then ranked in order. Generally, grammar schools are looking to select from the top 20–25% of academic performers. We recommend aiming for a standardised age score of 116–121.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School sets target scores in the three papers. This varies each year depending on the size and performance of the year group, and can only be calculated after the standardised scores are ranked. Successful candidates should ideally reach all three, but a lower score in one subject can be balanced against a higher score in another.

Achieving a specific score doesn't guarantee a place at the school, as it's likely to be oversubscribed with qualified candidates. We always recommend researching the admission policies and oversubscription criteria for your target schools.

​​​​​​​Lancaster Royal Grammar School admissions criteria

The planned admission number (PAN) for the school is 180. 156 of these are places for day students and 24 are reserved for boarding students. Children who achieve the target score in the test and have an Education, Health and Care (EHCP) plan that names the school will be admitted first. After this, places are offered in this order:

  1. Looked After or previously Looked After Children who achieve the minimum score and above, or up to 15 marks below it.

  2. Children who live in the school's priority catchment area who get free school meals and achieve the minimum score and above, or up to 15 marks below it.

  3. Children who live in the priority catchment area and achieve the minimum score or above.

  4. Children who live in the school's residual catchment area who get free school meals and achieve the minimum score and above, or up to 15 marks below it.

  5. Children who live in the residual catchment area and achieve the minimum score or above.

​​​​​​​Lancaster Royal Grammar School catchment area

Lancaster Royal Grammar School has a priority catchment area and a residual catchment area which is given second priority.

Priority catchment area

Boys who live in the city of Lancaster district are given priority for admission. This includes the following areas:

Silverdale, Yealand Redmayne, Whittington, Burrow with Burrow, Leck, Yealand Conyers, Priest Hutton, Tunstall, Ireby, Warton, Borwick, Arkholme with Cawood, Cantsfield, Carnforth, Over Kellet, Gressingham, Hornby with Farleton, Melling with Wrayton, Wennington, Slyne with Hest, Nether Kellet, Halton with Aughton, Claughton, Wray with Botton, Tatham, Morecambe and Heysham, Heaton with Oxcliffe, Lancaster, Quernmore, Caton with Littledale, Roeburndale, Middleton, Overton, Ashton with Stodday, Scotforth, Thurnham, Ellel, Over Wyresdale and Cockerham.

A map is available in the school's admissions policy.

Residual catchment area

The residual catchment area includes Arnside to the northwest, Milnthorpe to the north, Leck to the northeast, to Grimsargh to the southeast, the River Ribble through Preston to the south, and the River Wyre to the southwest.

How to help your child prepare for the 11 plus

Here are our top tips on how to best prepare your child for the Lancashire 11 plus.

Cover all the content

The 11 plus assesses a large breadth and depth of learning objectives across the Key Stage 2 national curriculum and beyond.

We recommend that your child starts revising content at least one year before the test. Setting aside study periods using a 'little and often' approach will give them time to build the skills and knowledge they need. When preparing, avoid falling into the trap of over-focusing on either the topics your child enjoys or the topics they find hardest.

Atom Nucleus is an 11 plus online course that tailors your child's personalised learning journey to cover all elements of the Lancashire 11 plus at the right pace for them.

No surprises

Your child will encounter lots of unfamiliar types of questions in the 11 plus exam. Building exam technique with 11 plus test papers will help your child to feel fully confident with the styles of questions they'll encounter in the exam, reducing the potential for stress on the day.

Celebrate their progress

Setting regular goals and celebrating achievements will help keep motivation high. Atom Nucleus offers data-driven insights into your child’s progress towards mastering the 11 plus curriculum, making it easy to see where they need to focus next.

Test your knowledge

Try answering some 11+ questions

Let's go!

Personalised 11 plus prep for your child

Wondering how to make sure your child covers the depth and breadth of the entire 11 plus curriculum, stays on track with their progress, and gets help when they're stuck? Online learning is a particularly efficient, cost-effective (and fun) way to do this!

Atom Nucleus is the award-winning online 11 plus practice platform that gives your child everything they need to prepare for grammar school exams.

Children work independently through over 90,000 interactive practice questions in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Teacher-created helpsheets and videos help them discover new concepts and consolidate their learning.

Atom's algorithm keeps children on their ideal learning path, tailored to their unique learning style and pace to keep them challenged and motivated.

Lancashire 11 plus practice papers

Atom Nucleus gives children access to online practice papers. Our online tests are designed to mirror the format and style of the real Lancaster Royal Grammar School exam, so your child will go into the exam knowing exactly what to expect.

And what's more, everything is automatically marked for you.

Try Atom Nucleus free for 5 days

Begin your child's journey to Lancaster Royal Grammar School today. Use the full features of Atom Nucleus free for 5 days – cancel anytime.

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Personalised support for you

We understand how important this next step is for them, and for you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have about the 11 plus or grammar schools in Lancashire.

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