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Verbal reasoning worksheets

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Verbal reasoning worksheets


Is your child preparing for the 11+ exam?

Many grammar and independent schools include verbal reasoning questions in their entrance exams. Keep reading to learn more about common verbal reasoning question types and download free verbal reasoning worksheets.

What is verbal reasoning?

Verbal reasoning involves analysing written information and using logic to solve problems with letters, words and symbols. It's used by most 11+ exam boards, including GL Assessment, CEM and the ISEB (Independent Schools Exam Board) – in addition to bespoke school-written entrance tests. Take a look at our verbal reasoning exam preparation guide to get suggestions on how your child can prepare effectively.

Why should my child practice verbal reasoning at home?

Verbal reasoning is not taught as part of the English Key Stage 2 national curriculum. While some independent prep schools might prepare students for secondary school entrance exams, this is not compulsory – and much less common in state primary schools.

Most students will not have seen this style of problem-solving exercise before. Using verbal reasoning practice papers at home can help your child develop the skills needed for success in a familiar and comfortable setting before tackling the real test on exam day.

Verbal reasoning helpsheets

The content of the verbal reasoning test can vary according to the exam board. Here's an up-to-date list of the main skills and topics assessed in the verbal reasoning exam, with free helpsheets for some tricky verbal reasoning question types:

1. Vocabulary

  • Synonyms

  • Antonyms

  • Homonyms

  • Odd ones out

  • Identifying connections

Synonyms helpsheet

2. Finding words

  • Jumbled words

  • Jumbled sentences

  • Finding a missing word

  • Anagrams

Jumbled words helpsheet

3. Building words

  • Joining words

  • Morphing words

  • Transferring letters

  • Identifying missing letters

Missing letters helpsheet

4. Codes and sequences

  • Solving codes (using letters, numbers and/or symbols)

  • Solving sequences (using letters, numbers and/or symbols)

Letter sequences helpsheet

5. Logic

  • Statement logic

  • Deductions

Statement logic helpsheet

To unlock helpsheets for every type of question your child might come across in the exam, check out Atom Nucleus. You'll get access to resources including over 90,000 interactive practice questions, video explanations and unlimited online verbal reasoning practice papers!

Verbal reasoning worksheets

Click below to download your free 11+ verbal reasoning practice questions in PDF format. This contains ten sample verbal reasoning practice questions. Your child can work through these independently on paper and then you can review the answers together.

Verbal reasoning preview

You'll also get access to an answer sheet complete with full explanations for each answer. Use this to help build your child's understanding of how to work through each question.

Download verbal reasoning questions & answers

Free online verbal reasoning lessons

In this verbal reasoning lesson, Luke shows us how to use deduction to draw conclusions based on a series of statements. This is a common question used in most verbal reasoning papers.

Verbal reasoning: deductions video thumbnail

If you're looking for more verbal reasoning tutorials, take a look at Atom Learning's Live Lessons. Our lessons are free for anyone to watch live.

Atom Nucleus subscribers can access over 500 hours of similar videos anytime from the in-app Lesson Library.

Practice verbal reasoning with Atom Nucleus

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GL 11 plus mock tests on Atom Nucleus

We're here to support parents too. With an Atom Nucleus subscription, you'll get access to a bank of tailored parent resources including:

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