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  • Online CAT4 practice tests

  • Thousands of interactive questions for verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning & spatial ability

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Unlimited tests that mirror the CAT4

Build exam confidence and refine technique with unlimited CAT4 practice tests.



Be unflappable with no surprises on test day. With individually-timed sections and the same style of questions as the CAT4, your child will know exactly what to expect.




CAT4 Level C: Part 1 practice test on Atom

CAT4 Level A

Ages 8–9


CAT4 Level B

Ages 9–10


CAT4 Level C

Ages 10–11


CAT4 Level D

Ages 11–12

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Build knowledge

Answer questions, earn coins! Customise Ato the monster and explore new worlds. You control your learning. We’re here to help if you get stuck.

Build knowledge

CAT4 practice tests

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Progress tracking

See your child’s CAT4 revision progress from your dashboard. Everything is marked for you. Sit back and watch their knowledge and confidence grow.

Progress tracking

Tailored learning

Personal support

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How to excel in the CAT4


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Build secure skills and knowledge through teacher-made questions, helpsheets and videos.


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Practise CAT4-specific exam techniques with practice tests for Parts 1, 2 and 3.


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Target areas for improvement and hone in on the score they need for their preferred schools.

Example CAT4 question on Atom

Tailored learning programme + unlimited practice tests

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A must-have in a learner’s toolbox

Great resource for both independent and supported learning. We used it for regular schoolwork revision and 11+ prep with success.


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Interview call-backs

My son sat the 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. Instant feedback with the SAS scores enabled him to focus on areas he needed to improve on and his scores rose steadily. He now has had interview call-backs for his top three choices.


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Outstanding range of resources

Outstanding range of resources to prepare for entrance exams and/or SATs. As a senior leader in school and parent, I would strongly recommend this resource.



The CAT4 is a cognitive abilities test set by GL Assessment. It aims to reveal a child’s hidden potential by assessing their reasoning ability. There are CAT4 levels for different age groups.

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