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11 plus creative writing topics

By Bright Light Education | Jun 29, 2023, 9:07 AM

11 plus creative writing topics

Wondering what topics your child could be asked to write about in their 11 plus creative writing exam? Here's a list of tasks that have been used in real-life entrance exam papers. This is a guest post from Bright Light Education.

Bright Light Education is an education company based in London but operating worldwide. They specialise in creative writing and preparing children for 11+ exams. Their book, Creative Writing Skills, has sold over 4,000 copies and has been a Number One Best Seller on Amazon. It is suitable for children aged 7–14.

The questions your child might be asked in an 11 plus creative writing assessment are endless, but here is a list which you could use to guide and inspire your child's practice. These tasks have all been used on real 11 plus papers, from schools including Latymer Upper, St Paul's Girls', The Perse School, Emanuel School, Alleyn’s School, Merchant Taylors and the CSSE (Essex) exam.

Write a story

  • 'Taught a lesson!’ Write a story about a bully who is taught a lesson.

  • Write a story entitled, ‘Alone’.

  • ‘The Fire’ Write a story with this as your title. Concentrate on describing a fire and its effects, and the thoughts and feelings of the people involved, so that it is convincing for your reader.

Continue a story

  • Continue the story that begins with, 'Outside my front door, someone had left a large cardboard box.'

  • Continue the story that begins with, 'Pushing the door, his hand shook uncontrollably as he watched the ground open up to reveal a spiral staircase winding down to the unknown.'

Write a recount

  • Imagine you are a Martian landing on planet Earth. Write a diary entry (in English!) about your first day.

  • A Walk in the Dark. You have had to go out after dark to carry out an errand. Write a letter to a friend telling them: what you saw, what you heard, and how you felt about being out by yourself in the dark.

Write a description

  • Imagine it is very early in the morning and you are all alone in your school just before anyone else has arrived. Describe your observations and what you feel.

  • Describe a visit to a very cold place.

  • Imagine that your train stops in a tunnel in the dark for half an hour. Describe what you see and how you feel.

  • Describe someone you will never forget and explain why.

Write about an experience

  • Write about a time when you had to do something that scared you. Explain what happened and describe how you felt. You should make your writing as interesting and detailed as possible.

  • Write about a time that you or someone else became frustrated by something. Explain what happened and how you felt.

Write about an image

  • Write a story based on the following picture.

  • Describe the image.

Creative writing example image

Write a piece of non-fiction

  • Write a persuasive letter to your local MP about the litter in your area and what you want them to do about it.

  • Do you think children should have access to smartphones? Write a discursive magazine article in which you outline reasons for and against.

  • Explain what is your favourite time of the whole year. You should aim to write at least six sentences.

  • Write down, in six or seven sentences, instructions for a younger brother, sister or friend on how to clean their teeth.

  • Write six or seven sentences describing an animal. For example, a cat, a dog, a guinea pig, or a horse. Make your writing as vivid as possible.

  • In six or seven sentences, write down clear instructions on how to make a piece of toast with jam. Make your writing as precise as possible.

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