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How to maximise the next 3 months for grammar school exam preparation

Webinar: Grammar school exam prep: maximise the next 3 months


If you're looking ahead to 11 plus exams in the autumn term, you might be wondering how exactly to approach the next three months of preparation. In this 40 minute webinar, Gemma shares how to use this time most efficiently to build your child's subject mastery and exam technique, so they feel confident to ace the 11 plus when September comes around.

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Subject mastery for exam confidence

Building strong subject mastery is key for exam confidence and success. This can be achieved through regular, structured practice, with a focus on learning as opposed to mock papers. Making time for frequent revision will help your child retain information and perform well on exam day.

Remember, 11 plus preparation is a marathon, not a sprint! Your child should be practicing little and often in short bursts. Try to cover all of the potential question types they could see, and leave plenty of opportunity to revise topics and consolidate their learning before their first exam.

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The 11 plus curriculum

Although the timing and structure of the exam papers vary between schools and regions, the content of the test is very similar across the country. Your child will be assessed on:

There's a lot of content to cover and your child will be assessed on some of the most challenging Year 6 learning objectives in English and maths. So, it's important to use the rest of the summer term and the summer holidays to build their confidence and fluency with the Year 6 learning objectives which they will not have seen in the classroom during Year 5. You can use these Key Stage 2 English and maths checklists as a guide:

Download English checklist

Download maths checklist

Atom makes this easy, by breaking down all the content they'll need for the exam into exciting Learning Journeys which adapt to your child's optimal learning pace.

Master the breadth and depth of the 11 plus curriculum

For challenging topics, focus first on developing the skills needed to master the easier content. Jumping straight to the most difficult content before developing the basics will be frustrating and demoralising. Build their foundation of knowledge and fill in any gaps, before increasing confidence at a higher level later. Remember that all subject areas are important, so make sure you're balancing time between areas of strength and areas of difficulty.

Atom does this automatically – our algorithm continually adapts to keep them at the right level of challenge to stay motivated and progressing. With areas of strength, Atom will adapt and ensure your child is stretched, challenged and remains ahead. The Parent Portal allows you to easily see at a glance which subtopics your child needs to revisit and how to prioritise your time.

Maximise mock tests

Practice tests are a valuable way to hone exam technique, but are not a substitute for building subject mastery! The summer term and summer holidays are a great time to make the most of mock tests and practice papers. Learn more about how to use mock tests for exam preparation: Using Mock Tests to prepare for the 11 plus.

Top tips for the next 3–4 months

  • Focus on covering the full breadth of 11 plus content as a priority

  • Learning and revision should be prioritised 4-5 times per week in 20-30 minute bursts

  • Complement their learning by using mock tests over the weekend and during holidays, so that your child comes to them fresh. Always make time to review mock test transcripts together

  • Register your child for summer Live Lessons – our fun and interactive 11 plus exam prep course takes place on Tuesdays during the summer term

  • Allow flexibility. If your child is feeling tired or demotivated, take a 24-hour break from all exam preparation. Having a good night's sleep, taking part in some hobbies or simply having fun will help them feel refreshed

  • Ensure your child continues to build up their mastery in challenging areas by setting 3-4 custom practice activities per week

Watch the webinar recording here for more details on how to use the next three months to ensure your child feels confident and prepared when exam day comes around.

We know how important this time is. Our dedicated team of Education Experts are on hand to support you and your family every step of the way should you have any questions about 11 plus preparation:

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