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Newstead Wood School 11 plus: a parents' guide for 2022

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Newstead Wood School: A Parents' Guide for 2022

Newstead Wood School is a selective grammar school in the London Borough of Bromley. The school admits girls from age 11-18 and the sixth form is co-educational. Newstead Wood School opened in 1954 as Orpington Grammar School for Girls in response to rapid growth in Orpington. The school has grown considerably over the last 60 years.

The school has six forms in each year group and now has a sixth form block, a dedicated music block, technology block and engineering suite, a sports hall and a tennis centre. Newstead Wood specialises in engineering and psychology.

In 2004, a student from Newstead Wood School gained the top maths GCSE result in the whole of the UK. The school gained academy status in 2011 and is now sponsored by United Learning.

Newstead Wood School 11 plus information

  • Address: Avebury Road, Orpington, London, BR6 9SA

  • County: London

  • Admissions contact: [email protected]

  • Number of pupils: 987

  • Number of places in Year 7: 168

  • Open day: virtual open experience.

  • 11 plus exam dates: Dates TBC, end of September

  • Exam board type: GL – Newstead Wood School Selection test

Newstead Wood School term dates

Newstead Wood School’s term dates for 2022/2023 are:

  • Autumn term: 5th September – 21st December

  • Half term: 24th October – 28th October

  • Spring term: 3rd January – 31st March

  • Half term: 13th February – 17th February

  • Summer term: 17th April – 19th July

  • Half term: 29th May – 2nd June

Newstead Wood School selection tests (11 plus)

Prospective Newstead Wood School students must sit the entrance test, which takes place at the end of September onsite. The test comprises papers in verbal and non-verbal reasoning and are multiple-choice. All answers must be entered on a separate answer sheet. Past papers are not available but a specimen paper may be purchased from the school.

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How and when to apply to Newstead Wood School

Parents must apply for their children to sit the Newstead Wood School entrance test. Online applications will open in May 2022. The school is part of the Pan London Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. You must name Newstead Wood School on the CAF, the application form issued by the LA (Local Authority), available from your home LA website. The CAF must be submitted to the LA by 31st October.

To register for the Newstead Wood selection test parents must also complete the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which is available from the school website. The form must be completed and returned to the school with relevant supporting evidence between late May and late April, exact dates TBC.

Newstead Wood School will inform parents of the outcome of the September selection tests in late October, before they have to complete their Local Authority application form. Your daughter’s score as well as the required standard and information on the cut-off score for the last five years will be provided, to help you decide whether or not to name Newstead Wood School on your CAF.

The local authority will confirm offers of school places on National Offer Day, 1st March.

Newstead Wood School admissions process

The catchment area for Newstead Wood requires a permanent residence within a 9-mile radius of the school. Girls living outside the catchment area may apply for and sit the selection test, but it's important to note that no places have historically been offered to those living beyond the 9-mile limit.

The required score to be admitted to Newstead Wood School is 210 marks on the selection test. This will only be lower if not enough students to fill the year group achieve this grade. The school will also create a ranked waiting list in the order determined by the school’s selection criteria, consisting only of girls who did not receive a higher preference offer. Only girls who have achieved the required standard in the selection process will be placed on the waiting list.

Parents of these girls may withdraw them from the waiting list if they so wish. The waiting list is maintained until after the new school year has begun. During this period, if the admission number for Year 7 falls below 168, an offer will be made to the next girl on the list.

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Newstead Wood School 11 plus exam format

The Newstead Wood School Selection Test will consist of papers in verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning set by the GL exam board. The scores achieved in the tests will be age adjusted and placed in rank order based on the total score achieved by the candidate. Where necessary, the non-verbal reasoning paper will be used to differentiate between applicants who achieve the same overall score.

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