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Aylesbury Grammar School 11 plus: a parents' guide for 2022

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Founded in 1598, this inspirational and nurturing school is situated in the depths of historical Buckinghamshire. Aylesbury Grammar School is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and is one of the best performing academies in Aylesbury. The school consistently attains high standards in comparison to other schools in the area and is above average compared to schools throughout the country.

Before becoming an academy, Aylesbury Grammar School was a Specialist College in Science, Languages, Maths and Computing. Aylesbury Grammar School is a fast-developing school. Their house system creates a strong sense of community and aims to help all children establish their place in the world.

11 plus exam information for Aylesbury Grammar School

  • Address: Aylesbury Grammar School, Walton Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7RP

  • County: Buckinghamshire, Southeast England

  • Admissions contacts details: [email protected], 01296 484545

  • School type: boys’ grammar school

  • Number of pupils: 1,329

  • Number of places in Year 7: 186

  • Open day date: 11th July 2022

  • 11 plus exam date: September (two papers on the same day)

  • Exam board type: Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools 11 plus, administered by GL assessment

Aylesbury Grammar School term dates

The Aylesbury Grammar School term dates for 2022/2023 are:

  • Autumn term: 5th September - 16th December

  • Half term: 20th October - 1st November

  • Spring term: 5th January - 31st March

  • Half term: 10th February - 20th February

  • Summer term: 18th April - 21st July

  • Half term: 26th May - 5th June

Aylesbury Grammar School admissions process

Aylesbury Grammar is one of 13 schools that work together at The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS). To secure a Year 7 place, prospective students will sit two 11 plus exams on the same day. Admission is determined by meeting the required qualifying score.

Should there ever be more applicants than available spaces, priority is given to:

  • Looked after boys and previously looked after boys

  • Students who currently qualify for free school meals at the time of the application deadline

  • Those who have a sibling currently in attendance at the school

  • Pupils with exceptional medical or social needs which only the school can accommodate

  • Boys who are living in the catchment area of the school

Aylesbury Grammar also has a waiting list which is ranked according to the above criteria. More information is available from Aylesbury Grammar School's admissions policy.

The applicants’ scores will reflect an age-standardised scoring system to ensure all candidates have a fair chance regardless of their birthday. The total of the age-standardised scores provides an overall Secondary Transfer Test score (STTS). Children will need to obtain a score of at least 121 to receive a place at the school.

The oversubscription criteria ranking (above) will be followed if the number of candidates obtaining the STTS exceeds the number of places available.

What is Aylesbury Grammar School catchment area?

Aylesbury Grammar School operates a catchment area system. Priority is for those who live closest to the school. There is a map of Aylesbury Grammar School catchment area on the school website.

How do I apply for Aylesbury Grammar School?

For students who attend a Buckinghamshire primary school, registration is automatic, and the schools will take a Preparation Test before sitting the Secondary Transfer Test in September. If your child doesn’t attend a Buckinghamshire primary school, or currently attends an independent school, applications can be sent via Buckinghamshire Council. Applications will need to be received by 23rd June 2022.

What is the Aylesbury Grammar School 11 plus exam format?

The GL exam board provides the 11 plus test for Aylesbury Grammar School. Candidates will sit two test papers in the autumn, both on the same day. Each paper is approximately 60 minutes long. The test will assess verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths skills.

How to prepare your child for the Aylesbury Grammar School 11 plus

Preparation is key for achieving exam success, and creating a study plan and schedule in advance can get children off to a flying start. Starting early is ideal to ensure that there is plenty of time to identify areas for development and build confidence.

Working through past exam papers and familiarisation booklets is an excellent way to get your child used to the format and style of questions. Practice papers and free familiarisation resources can be found on the GL Assessment website.

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