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Find your local grammar school

By Atom | May 22, 2024, 1:11 PM

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Looking for information on your local grammar schools?

We've collated a list of all the grammar schools in England. Discover how to apply to your local grammar school and get tips to help your child prepare for their 11+ exam.

Find your nearest grammar school

Grammar schools by county

Find out which grammar schools are in your county or local authority area below.

There are six grammar schools in Berkshire, split between Reading and Slough. One additional school in Berkshire is partially-selective.



The grammar schools in Slough are members of the Slough Consortium. Your child will only need to take one 11+ exam to apply to any of these grammar schools.

What is the 11+?

The 11+ (11 plus) is an academic exam that children take in Year 6. Grammar schools use the results of this test to decide which children to offer places to in Year 7.

The exam is designed to be challenging. Grammar schools use it to select children working in the top ability range in their year group.

The content of the exam depends on your child's target school and their exam provider. Most grammar schools in England use 11+ exams created by a provider called GL Assessment. They provide tests in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Your target school might include questions in some or all of these subjects.

In the video below, Chloe will help you learn more about the 11 plus, including the subjects assessed, how 11 plus exams are marked, and resources you can use to help your child feel confident for their exam!

Tailored preparation for your local 11 plus

Applying to a grammar school? Help your child confidently navigate the 11+ with Atom. With one subscription, you'll unlock:

  • Online and paper practice tests for 11+ grammar school exams

  • A tailored learning plan to help your child learn the curriculum

  • Intelligent progress tracking, so you know your child is on track

  • Plus, hundreds of extra resources for both you and your child!

Make grammar school a reality for your child.

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