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Guide to 11 plus grammar school consortiums

By Atom | Feb 1, 2023, 3:35 PM

Guide to 11 plus grammar school consortiums

Looking for information on grammar school consortiums?

We’ve compiled a list of grammar school consortiums by UK region. You'll find links to useful information to help you through the 11 plus admissions process, and tips to help your child prepare for the 11 plus exam in your area.

What is a consortium?

A consortium is a group of two or more grammar schools that work together on the application process. Schools in a consortium use the same 11 plus test, exam dates and exam provider. The aim is to reduce the number of tests your child must sit to be considered for any of the grammar schools in an area.

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East England


There are 11 grammar schools in Essex. The following 10 schools are all within the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE), which provides its own bespoke 11 plus papers.

The CSSE 11 plus

Chelmsford County High School is the only grammar school in Essex which is not a member of the CSSE. This school creates its own 11 plus test and has a separate admissions process.


There are no grammar schools in Hertfordshire, but several partially-selective schools. In these cases, only a small proportion of places are allocated based on a particular ability.

Seven schools are members of the South West Herts Schools Consortium:

These schools use a mixture of test providers, using both GL Assessment and individual schools’ own tests.

South West Herts Schools 11 plus

Other partially-selective schools in Hertfordshire which are not members of the Consortium include:

  • Bushy Meads School

  • Bishop’s Stortford High School

  • Chancellor’s School

  • Dame Alice Owen’s School

  • Goffs Academy

  • Hertfordshire and Essex High School

  • Hockerill Anglo-European College


London Borough of Barnet

The grammar schools in Barnet use a mixture of GL Assessment and their own test papers.

Barnet 11 plus

London Borough of Bexley

The grammar schools in Bexley have previously used CEM as their exam provider. This is likely to change for entry in 2024 and beyond.

Bexley 11 plus

London Borough of Bromley

The two grammar schools in Bromley use different 11 plus tests. Newstead Wood School uses GL Assessment and St Olave’s Grammar School has a bespoke eligibility test.

Bromley 11 plus

Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames

Both grammar schools in Kingston-upon-Thames use GL Assessment for their first round of testing, and school-created papers for their second stage test.

Kingston-upon-Thames 11 plus

London Borough of Redbridge

The two Redbridge grammar schools have previously used CEM as their exam provider. This is likely to change for entry in 2024 and beyond.

Redbridge 11 plus

London Borough of Sutton

The five fully-selective grammar schools in Sutton use a GL Assessment for the first round of testing, and school-written papers for their second round tests. Their 11 plus exam is known as the Surrey Selective Eligibility Test (SET). A sixth grammar school, Greenshaw High School, is partially-selective.

Sutton 11 plus

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North West England


There are four grammar schools in Lancashire and they use GL Assessment.

Lancashire 11 plus

Liverpool & Wirral

Having previously used CEM, the grammar schools on the Wirral now use GL Assessment as their exam provider. Four out of the seven schools use the GL test:

The remaining three schools in the area use their own testing systems:

Liverpool & Wirral 11 plus

Trafford (Greater Manchester)

The grammar schools in Greater Manchester are all within the Trafford area. From 2023, they will be using GL Assessment to administer their 11 plus tests.

Trafford 11 plus

There are two grammar schools in Manchester that use other tests:

South East England


The grammar schools in Berkshire are spread between the large towns of Reading and Slough. The 11 plus process is different for each area.

The grammar schools in Slough belong to the Slough Consortium. They all use GL Assessment to administer their 11 plus exams.

Slough 11 plus

Kendrick School and Reading School have different testing processes. A third grammar school in Reading – Reading Girls' School – is partially-selective, meaning that only a small proportion of the Year 7 intake is selected based on academic ability.

Berkshire 11 plus


The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Consortium uses GL Assessment as their exam provider. Unusually, Buckinghamshire uses an opt-out system; every child in a Buckinghamshire primary school is automatically registered for the 11 plus test, unless a parent states otherwise.

Buckinghamshire 11 plus


Kent has more grammar schools than any other county in the UK. 32 grammar schools are located within the Kent Council local authority and use an 11 plus test known as the Kent Test.

Kent Council

The Kent Test

Medway Council

A further six grammar schools in Kent are located within the Medway Council local authority. These schools use GL Assessment as their 11 plus testing provider.

Medway 11 plus

South West England


There are seven grammar schools in Devon. These grammar schools are in different local authority areas:

Devon County Council

Plymouth City Council

Torbay Council

Devon 11 plus


There are four selective grammar schools that make up the Dorset Consortium. The consortium uses GL Assessment to administer 11 plus tests in the area.

Budmouth Academy and Poole High School are partially-selective schools.

Dorset 11 plus


The seven grammar schools in Gloucestershire all use the same 11 plus test, administered by GL Assessment.

Gloucestershire 11 plus


There are two selective grammar schools in Wiltshire. Both schools use GL Assessment for their 11 plus exams.

Wiltshire 11 plus


The grammar schools in Yorkshire are located in three separate local authorities:



North Yorkshire

Yorkshire 11 plus

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